Steven Yeun and Alanna Masterson team up for Naysayer, a short film

Steven Yeun and Alanna Masterson team up in a short film called Naysayer. It is about a young father cut off from his son.

For fans of The Walking Dead, it has been a long while since Glenn has appeared on the popular AMC zombie drama series, and now Tara has made an exit from the show as well. However, the duo are back together in a short film called Naysayer.

Steven Yeun and Alanna Masterson star in this short film centered around a young father, Ian portrayed by Yeun, who is cut off from his son and decides to take matters into his own hands. Masterson portrays Ian’s wife, Michelle.

Fans of Yeun and Masterson can watch Naysayer on the official YouTube channel of Omeleto:

The short film opens with Ian driving down a highway trying to make his wife understand why he has done what he feels he needed to do. He is distraught about being kept away from his son. He is very emotional and intense. Yeun does such a great job at making us feel his anguish. You can see the pain and suffering he is experiencing by being apart from his son. Masterson is never on camera, she is the calm voice on the other end of the phone. You can tell she is struggling as well and is trying to keep Ian calm. Things take an unexpected turn and what you thought was true will be undone by the cries of a baby.

Yeun has been very busy since his days with The Walking Dead. Currently, he has post-production credit for Minari, a film about a Korean family starting a farm in Arkansas in the 80s. He is also working on a film called The Humans, starring alongside Amy Schumer. This film follows the Blake family as they gather for Thanksgiving an as darkness falls tensions mount among the family. He is involved in an animated series called Invincible which is based on a comic from Skybound/Image, about a teenager with a father who is the most powerful superhero on the plant.

Masterson was killed off in season 9 of The Walking Dead. She currently doesn’t have anything new listed for future projects. She is scheduled to be at the Rhode Island Comic Con in November.  I do hope she gets some new things soon. I loved her as Tara and look forward to what she works on next!

Watch for Season 10 of The Walking Dead October 6, 2019 on AMC.