The Walking Dead 1001 recap: Lines We Cross

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Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Cooper Andrews as Jerry, Sydney Park as Cyndie, Avianna Mynhier as Rachel – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead is back and it has been quite a summer as AMC stoked the fire ahead of the season 10 premiere. Here’s your recap of “Lines We Cross.”

The season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead begins in an unlikely spot: Up in space. A satellite flies along peacefully, with the Earth there in the distance. But what does this mean?

Incidentally, this episode features a story by Angela Kang and it has been sectioned off in various segments, which you’ll see reflected below:

Training Day

A walker washes up on the beach. He’s waterlogged, to be sure, and he has also been pierced with driftwood. He’s an easy target for Judith, who kills him before returning to the formation of troops with her mom Michonne and the rest of the familiar faces from multiple communities. Daryl watches them march along the beach with their armor raised. (The armor looks like old oil barrels with spikes.

Ezekiel and Jerry release a few walkers from an old boat and the troops fall into formation, dropping on one knee under Aaron’s command so the archers can fire. The next round is the spear group. Alden is very good at using his spear. Round three is the group that goes and fights by hand: Michonne, Magna and Luke.

The boat starts to give way and Jerry and Ezekiel get ready to fight as a mini-herd approaches the troops unexpectedly. Daryl fights with his knives while the armored guards make a path for Judith to kill a walker. They’re triumphant.

Back at Oceanside, Luke hits up Jules in a conversation about the strangest things she has ever seen wash up on the beach. It’s easy, she says: A container of hot dog trophies. “Literally trophies with dancing hot dogs.” They’re flirting, and Luke has a good game. But she’s definitely initiating.

Michonne and Daryl discuss the day’s training. Tara would be proud. Michonne is glad they were able to bring the kids for their first trip to the ocean.

Judith and the other kids have pails full of shells and Judith sorts through her brother’s stash. Inside he has lots of shells, and a Whisperer skin.

Cue the credits, here we go! It’s important to note that in this season of The Walking Dead the credits are still in the animated style and they have been upgrades to featured new scenes from season 9 and some hints at what’s to come. Notably, there is a scene of Rick on the bridge full of walkers.

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