Exclusive clip: Scene from The Walking Dead 1007 ‘Open Your Eyes’

Undead Walking is proud to present this exclusive scene from The Walking Dead 1007. In “Close Your Eyes” Siddiq’s PTSD reaches a boiling point.

With one episode before the season 10 mid-season finale, the tension is at an all time high in Alexandria. Carol captured one of the Whisperers while Siddiq is dealing with a monumental epidemic in the community. In this exclusive clip from The Walking Dead episode 1007, “Close Your Eyes,” the tension boils over for Siddiq as the flashbacks from the barn become too much to bear.

The situation in Alexandria has been tense since the Whisperers returned. Lydia’s presence made several folks uneasy, Negan is on the loose and now lots of people are falling ill from a mysterious illness. As a member of the council and as the community’s long standing physician, people look to him for guidance but what few people know is that he has been dealing with his own PTSD from being in the barn.

Now, in this exclusive clip from The Walking Dead 1007 provided to Undead Walking, it looks like Siddiq is losing his tenuous grip on reality as his PTSD manifests itself physically as well as mentally, and it is taking its toll:

Siddiq has lots of people in his corner supporting him, including Rosita and Dante, who knows what PTSD looks like from his own personal combat experience. The trouble is that Siddiq is trying to keep his head above water and from the look of this clip he’s really struggling more than anyone realizes.

There are several theories out there about Siddiq’s flashbacks, ranging from extreme PTSD and survivor’s guilt to theories that he was somehow involved in the horrific event and even that he had something to do with what happened.

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How will Siddiq cope with the worsening epidemic and his own breakdown? Find out in this week’s all-new episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

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