Who should lead the Whisperers on The Walking Dead: Alpha or Beta?

Alpha asked Beta on The Walking Dead if he was gunning to be the leader of the Whisperers. Who should really be in charge of ensuring the group’s safety?

When things started to get complicated at the camp of the Whisperers and differing opinions on what to do with Negan were expressed, a big question was asked by Alpha to her second in command on The Walking Dead.

The question is an interesting one. Both have qualities that could make them great leaders, but since only one of them can assume control over their group of skin-wearing followers, a decision has to be made.

But who should really be the leader of the Whisperers? Should it be Alpha, making it remain the same or should it be Beta, the cold-hearted powerhouse. We asked our panel of The Walking Dead experts those very questions!

Sara L. says

This is a very hard question. There is no doubt in my mind that Beta is more of a Whisperer than Alpha. However, Alpha can definitely manipulate people much better than Beta could. Alpha has gone against their rules plenty of times, using Lydia’s name, going after her. Keeping a shrine to her daughter. Her emotions could end up being detrimental to the group. Beta doesn’t seem to have any emotion or any empathy but that could also put the whisperers in a war too quick and get many killed. So my answer is a very hesitant Beta, based solely on the fact he is more of a Whisperer.

Joe says

While I’m sure that the Whisperers would quickly fall in line behind Beta if he decided to take control of the group, I don’t think that they would be better off with him in charge. As much as I hate Alpha, it is undeniable that she is going about this conflict with careful thinking, choosing to slowly wear down the communities versus taking them on in direct combat. Beta is the brawn of the group while Alpha is the brains, and their complementary strengths are why the Whisperers are able to survive in such a dangerous world.

Renee says

I don’t think Beta is a leader. He is the muscle. Alpha is smart and knows how to keep her cool. We did see Beta with some restraint at not immediately killing Negan when he had the knives to his throat but I think that is very rare of him. Even though we have seen Alpha has zero-tolerance for rule-breaking or insubordination she has been lenient at times. I don’t think Beta has the qualities to lead a group.

Adam says

As much as Beta is powerful, intimidating, and ruthless, I’m not sure he has the right mindset to be a leader. Alpha has this ability to make people trust her and follow her no matter the destination. Beta may be a great right-hand man, but I don’t think he has that kind of power over people to make them follow him unconditionally. His role with the Whisperers is a perfect one for him, and that shouldn’t change.

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What do you think? Should Alpha remain the leader of the Whisperers or would they be better off with Beta assuming control of the group in future episodes of The Walking Dead? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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