The Walking Dead 1008 live stream: The World Before

The Walking Dead wraps up the first half of season 10 with “The World Before.” Here’s what you need to know to watch episode 1008 on TV and online.

After the shocking twist in last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, the fallout continues as the Alexandria community tries to decide what happened and how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Michonne arrives in Oceanside in time to help with their challenges.

Of note in the preview of “The World Before” is that Gamma seems ready to talk now, which is interesting because she had been unwilling to do so before. Seeing Lydia turned her world upside down, but what will she be willing to share and what does she want in exchange?

Another tidbit from the preview is the arrival of a stranger in Oceanside, and this stranger might have something to do with the problems they have been having lately. Then again, there’s also a scene in the preview that features Michonne and the stranger on a boat. Let’s hope there are some big answers there because Michonne wouldn’t leave Judith and RJ behind without a really good reason.

Here’s the synopsis of The Walking Dead 1008, “The World Before”:

“In the mid-season finale, a fight causes tensions in Oceanside while the Alexandrians set out on a high-stakes mission.”

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the midseason finale of The Walking Dead including all of the ways you can watch it online:

Episode: Season 10 Episode 8 “The World Before”

Original Airdate: November 24, 2019

Writer: Julia Ruchman

Director: John Dahl

Start Time: 9:00 PM ET

Channel: AMC

How to Watch:, AMC Premiere or the AMC App (both require a cable subscription), Sling, AppleTV, Philo, FuboTV, YouTubeTV, PlayStation Vue, Amazon Fire TV

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The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM on AMC. Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick airs immediately following the show. This week’s guests include Seth Gilliam, Deborah J Winans and a surprise guest.

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