The Walking Dead twitter account drops hint-filled Thanksgiving picture

A photo shared by The Walking Dead on Twitter may have a lot of clues about what is to come on the popular AMC zombie drama series in the second half of season 10.

In a now yearly tradition, the official Twitter account of Skybound’s The Walking Dead posted a doctored photo of the “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” painting (original by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe), containing hints and clues about the upcoming half-season.

So what may this little tease have revealed about 10b? And what didn’t change at all from last year’s image?

Let’s take a look at the post from Twitter where this interesting photo was shared:

And, for comparison, take a look at the photo The Walking Dead shared last year on their Twitter account for their Thanksgiving wishes last year:

Who’s missing?

The most obvious aspect of the photos is who has made it around the dinner table and who hasn’t.

Immediately we can see Michonne is missing, though that’s to be expected given the news of Danai’s departure from the series.

In last year’s painting, a distant helicopter hinted at Rick’s departure method, could the boat on the horizon which looks remarkably like the one seen in the 10b trailer, be the vehicle which takes Michonne far from her home and hearth?

The other obvious absence is Magna. Last year she was one of the new faces at the far end of the table, along with Yumiko and Luke. This year Magna is completely missing from the entire scene. Does this mean she doesn’t live to see another Thanksgiving or is there another story to unfold?  With the revelation that she likely killed in her life pre-ZA, could she be capable of things that lead to her moving on and joining another group?

The final missing character from the feast is Connie. Given she is the only other member of the cave group not at the table, can we assume she doesn’t make it out alive? Perhaps she’s with Magna? Or could her superpower hearing loss be the very thing that allows her to infiltrate the Whisperers in a way no one else could?

Who’s new?

There are a few new faces at the table this year with Kelly taking a prime spot – and she doesn’t look pleased. Is her anger over her missing sister, and is she looking in the direction of the person she blames for that situation?

Oceanside staple Cyndie has made it to the grown-up table this year, along with her fellow community member Jules. Is this a sign that Luke will get a love-story of his own with his Oceanside crush, or is Jules elevation a clue that she’s not all she seems? Have the Whisperers planted spies in all the communities, not just Alexandria?

Other new faces at the table this year Whisperer alums Gamma and Lydia. Lydia seems fully in the bosom of the family, so hopefully this means she’ll forgive Carol, and find her way back to her new family of safety and security, perhaps with vital information on how to defeat her mother?

Speaking of which, it is perhaps surprising to see Gamma at the table alongside Aaron. Although she doesn’t have a seat, she seems welcome which could suggest she does continue to help Team Family fight back against the Whisperers. However, it should be noted that she has taken the place of Henry in last year’s picture, so does that mean she faces the same fate?

Not quite making it to the table this year, though at least a spectator at the feast is Negan. He appears in the left-hand corner along with Alpha and Beta. They are shadowy figures watching from a distance, just as in the show. Does this mean Negan will join their ranks completely, or is he eyeing up his spot at the table next year after finally proving his worth to Daryl and the others?

Perhaps most excitingly, in terms of new arrivals, the distant right-hand corner shows a blurry Maggie approaching the scene. Lauren Cohan’s return to the show was announced at New York Comic-Con, but the exact timing and nature is still a mystery. Hopefully this tease hints that Maggie will return before this season is out, and no doubt just in time to save our heroes from some horrific fate (like there being no marshmallows on the sweet potato).

Who stayed the same?

While a few family members swapped seats (namely Nabila, Jerry, Rosita, and Eugene) it doesn’t seem to be hugely significant to their stories. However, one has to assume Yumiko moving to the top of the table and taking Michonne’s place is possibly a sign of her taking Michonne’s comic story – leading a group to meet with the Commonwealth people? Either that or Uncle Daryl still can’t get RJ to eat his vegetables and Aunt Yumiko has to get on the case.

Completely unchanging in the scene are stalwarts Judith, Gabriel, Daryl, and Ezekiel. This seems to indicate good news on Ezekiel’s front, as hopefully that means he doesn’t succumb to thyroid cancer any time soon.

Carol too seems little changed, still keeping herself away from the main group, though this time she appears to be examining a map. This is totally in fitting with the Carol we’ve seen in 10a, and suggests she has more plans up her sleeve to deal with Alpha in 10b. Or does it mean once again she’s thinking of taking flight and heading off somewhere new?

In the distance

Besides the faces around the table, there are further clues in the background which may provide insight into stories that frame the fate of the characters in upcoming issues of The Walking Dead.

In the back right corner beside Maggie, we can see the cave that featured in episode 8, “The World Before”. Is this simply a nod to how we left our heroes, or does it mean those who survive will return to the underground hell to destroy the horde? Or is this cave somehow connected to Maggie’s return?

To Maggie’s right is a cabin, whose purpose is frankly anyone’s guess. It is similar to that which featured in June and John’s backstory in Fear The Walking Dead, so perhaps – as was in their case – it’s a love shack, but for which pair of would-be-lovers?

The shapes in the distant horizon may seem blurry but on close inspection, it appears that the Pittsburgh skyline features. This is not surprising given the comic story features a group led by Michonne heading to Pittsburgh to meet Eugene’s radio girlfriend. Will that story play out here as it did in the comics, or is there something darker at work? Something that connects with Rick’s story?

In the far left-hand corner we can see Alexandria’s windmill, and behind that a silhouette of a building which looks very like Hilltop’s mansion on fire. As the trailer for 10b showed an army of Whisperers armed with flaming arrows, facing off with the militia in front of Hilltop, it seems like this may be a glimpse of that battle to come. Hopefully, it doesn’t spell disaster and loss for Team Family and their friends old and new in future episodes of The Walking Dead.