The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land needs more throwback survivors

Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) - The Walking Dead _ Season 2 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC
Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) - The Walking Dead _ Season 2 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC /

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land could even add more nostalgia to the game by adding more throwback characters to satisfy the appetite of hardcore viewers.

The anticipation for the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 has officially begun, and many are playing as their favorite characters through various game platforms, but The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land has potential to be the most exciting game to heal all wounds of anticipation if they add more throwback characters in the game.

During the season 10 premiere, the game introduced Alpha as part of the roster but since has slowed down with introducing new characters. Unlike its comic counterpart Road to Survival, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land doesn’t have all the maximum possible characters in the mix.

The introduction to Alpha jump-started users to be on a mission to gain the enigmatic leader of the Whisperers. That same can be done for survivors of the past who have faced a demise before the introduction of the hit game or just never were added as the game was introduced.

Most users probably have every single survivor in the game currently unlocked and need new challenges to enjoy the game. The biggest incentive in playing is having new characters to potentially acquire. All of us still have high hopes of Connie, Lydia, and Yumiko eventually being in the game in the future, but for now, the focus should be on past survivors.

There are several throwback characters missing like Andrea, Tyreese, Beth, and T-Dog just to name a few. Their counterpart Road to Survival has every single comic character big and small, and it may be time to go down that route with No Man’s Land.

It could even turn into a mini-event for these amazing throwback characters. Who wouldn’t want a chance to finally play as Shane on No Man’s Land?

A chance to put the band back together with a combination of Rick, Carl, and Shane or introduce Shane to Alpha for the very first time as a dream team or a dream fight in levels.

Merle and the Governor being added were great surprise additions for the good old days, but since then, they haven’t added as many throwback characters. It has since come to a slow crawl with new characters and users are winning characters faster than they are adding them.

The game itself is so amazing that thinking about putting Andrea and Michonne together or creating a new survival team of Negan and Tyreese is something that keeps everything fresh. The missions are amazing, but having a variety of survivors with different skill sets propels it to another level.

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Hopefully, the game developers decide to add to the survivor’s pool soon. It would be an easy remedy to anticipating the second half of the season of The Walking Dead. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon they will add our throwback characters, until then stay tuned and ready to play No Man’s Land.