Norman Reedus to showcase his photography in Miami

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus will showcase his photography with an exhibit entitled Portraits from the Woods in Miami.

Most of Norman Reedus’ fans probably know he is an avid photographer. He shares many of his unique photos on his social media and has had exhibits in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris in the past. He also sells his work through his company Big Bald Gallery.  Some of his work is even featured in his restaurant Nic and Norman’s in Senoia, Georgia.

His most recent exhibit entitled Portraits from the Woods has been on display at The Bonnier Gallery in Miami since the end of November. It will continue to be displayed through January 11th, 2020. He will be featuring never before seen photographs of his partner, actress Diane Kruger as well as his close friends Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hideo Kojima and others.

On Saturday, December 7th, the Collective Art Basel Block party will feature Reedus and his work. The event is FREE but you do need to register at Event Brite. The event will be held at The Bonnier Gallery and is co-sponsored by Big Bald Gallery. Reedus shared the information on his Instagram page.

Reedus is excellent at capturing beauty where others have a hard time finding that beauty. He will take a photograph of roadkill but in a way that makes you really look at it and discover something else.  This is my favorite photo of two Russian inmates in a basement kitchen of a prison, aptly named Basement Kitchen 2. Reedus whistled at the cat and the two men peeked out. I just love the colors and simplicity of it but also the sadness of the location. Be sure to also check out the Big Bald Head page which features many of his photographs that aren’t available for purchase in the gallery.

Reedus recently wrapped up filming of season 10 of The Walking Dead series where he plays everyone’s favorite redneck Daryl Dixon. He can also be seen on AMC’s Ride With Norman Reedus which will return for its fourth season in the spring of 2020.