Fear the Walking Dead elevates two series regulars, adds new cast member

Mo Collins as Sarah - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Mo Collins as Sarah - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /

As filming begins on Fear the Walking Dead season 6, the first round of casting news features two cast members promoted to series regular, and a new addition.

The Fear the Walking Dead family is getting a bit bigger with news of a new addition to the cast and two cast members promoted to series regulars. Mo Collins and Colby Hollman will be series regulars in season 6, and newcomer Zoe Colletti joins the ever-growing cast.

Mo Collins, the talented actor who brings Sarah the trucker to life, joined the cast in the second half of season 4. Sarah and her brother Wendell bring a delightful much-needed sense of humor to an otherwise dark post-apocalyptic world, but their past isn’t so bright and cheery.

Though there is a lot about the twins that we still don’t know, we learned in season 5 that when they stole the big rig from Polar Bear they caused a chain reaction that led to a woman dying mere minutes before Logan could save her. That event led to Logan’s loss of faith, and it also delivered him into the hands of Virginia and her equestrian posse of merry miscreants.

Colby Hollman’s Wes is a season 5 addition. At first, Wes wanted nothing to do with Alicia and Strand. While he had been the one who’d originally painted the trees, he was done with hope and faith and was instead interested in self-preservation, but by the end of season 5 he was a member of the group and someone who made Alicia smile.

Zoe Colletti is joining the cast in season 6, and nothing is known about her character beyond being “a pivotal new role that will unfurl as the season progresses”. With so many young cast members it will be interesting to see whether Colletti’s character connects with Alexa Nisenson’s Charlie or not. Charlie, as we know, is someone who has seen enough at this point and is a good judge of character.

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This is only the start of casting announcements for Fear the Walking Dead season 6. Now that filming is underway, watch for more news coming in the coming weeks and months.