Jeffrey Dean Morgan shows off his custom Lucille Mustang trunk

Negan is known for his barbed wire baseball bat Lucille on The Walking Dead and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has brought that part of his character to his Mustang.

Negan is one of the most popular and polarizing figures on The Walking Dead. While many enjoy the character’s charisma and sense of humor, others haven’t forgiven him for taking the lives of some of our favorite survivors.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who brings Negan to life on the AMC zombie survival drama series, has enjoyed a lot of love from fans who can’t seem to get enough of him on his social media channels.

Recently, JDM posted a photo to his personal Twitter account showing that his job has merged into his personal life. Take a look at the image:

In the photo, Morgan is showing off the rear of his Mustang where inside the trunk there is custom interior featuring the design of Negan’s signature weapon, a barbed-wire covered baseball bat called Lucille.

The caption of the photo is fun as well. He gives his fans the “xo” representing love and designated that it is from not only “JD” (Jeffrey Dean) but Lucille as well.

It’s always amazing to see cast members from shows like The Walking Dead embrace their roles and have them impact their everyday living. This is proof that an actor not only enjoys the character they play but that they see it as a key part of their career and something they are truly proud of.

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It’s tough to tell if this was a present for Jeffrey Dean Morgan from someone else or customization he got for himself, but it definitely looks awesome and would be a great adjustment to any vehicle of a fan who loves The Walking Dead.

You can see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan when The Walking Dead returns with the second half of season 10 on AMC.

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