Who died in season 1 episode 3 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead 103. Norman Reedus, IronE Singleton, Steven Yeun and Andrew Lincoln. Photo: AMC
The Walking Dead 103. Norman Reedus, IronE Singleton, Steven Yeun and Andrew Lincoln. Photo: AMC /

“Tell it to the Frogs” was the third episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead ever to air but who didn’t make it out of the episode alive?

Season 1 episode 3 of The Walking Dead was a major episode for fans of AMC’s zombie survival drama series. The episode not only gave viewers the reunion of Rick Grimes with his wife and son but also set up plenty of stories for future episodes.

This is a big episode for many reasons. Most of all, it is because it is the debut of several key characters, including Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, and Sophia Peletier. Those characters would go on to be a part of the show for several seasons or be part of major angles on the show.

Although there were new faces, there was also some death. Let’s take a look at the lives lost during episode 103 of The Walking Dead:

  • A deer
  • Some squirrels
  • Walkers

That’s right! No humans died in this episode! The previous episode also featured no human deaths, so season 1 was taking some time to establish some characters while trying to integrate Rick Grimes into a new group of survivors.

However, people have to eat. Sadly, the deer wasn’t eaten by the group outside Atlanta at the RV camp, but it was devoured by walkers. It had some crossbow bolts in it, and later Daryl seemed upset that the deer he had shot and been tracking ended up going to one of the mindless eating machines, which got a crossbow in its head for stealing dinner.

Daryl did manage to get some food though. He had a string of squirrels that he will be able to turn into some nice soup for him and his friends. However, those squirrels hit the ground when he learned the group left Merle behind in Atlanta and a skirmish happened before the group planned to return for the missing Dixon brother.

A second walker is killed by Daryl when the group gets back to the department store in Atalanta.

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The question of who would be the next to die on The Walking Dead had to be asked. Any time a bigger group is introduced, fans have to wonder if there will be some thinning out. Thankfully, that didn’t happen in “Tell it to the Frogs” on Nov, 14, 2010,