Who died in season 1 episode 5 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead 105. Laurie Holden as Andrea and Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale
The Walking Dead 105. Laurie Holden as Andrea and Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale /

The Walking Dead was having no problem killing off characters in season 1 but did everyone make it out of episode 5 titled “Wildfire” alive?

Times were tough on The Walking Dead at this point. The RV group outside Atlanta had just been overrun by the undead and some characters who looked as though they would be around for the long haul ended up being bitten.

Not only that, but Daryl’s brother Merle was left on a rooftop in previous episodes and when the group returned to get him, they only found his sawed-off hand where he was handcuffed to a pipe.

Now, the group has to be on the move. After losing their camp, they are on a mission to make it to the Center for Disease Control in the hope of finding some safety and riding out the zombie apocalypse with other survivors.

But did they all make it to their objective? Here is everyone who died during season 1 episode 5 of The Walking Dead titled “Wildfire” which aired on Nov. 28, 2010:

  • Jim

This was a sad episode. Bodies were attempted to be burned from the deaths at the RV camp and Andrea didn’t want to let go of Amy’s lifeless corpse. Glenn reminded the group about the human aspect of things and opted to have those who died buried instead of burned.

Jim was bitten by walkers during the fight but wasn’t telling anyone. Jacqui noticed the blood on his shirt and told the group. Later, while everyone had no idea what to do with Jim, Daryl comes at him with a pickaxe but was stopped by Rick. They move him to the bedroom of the RV and continue the trip.

With his fever hitting hard, Jim is sweating and hallucinating. He’s saying things that don’t make sense. Finally, Jim decides he isn’t long for that world. He asks to be let out of the RV, which the group stops for and places him next to a tree.

Jacqui gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek and the group leaves him there to either turn or be devoured by walkers.

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Watching the group try to figure out what to do with Jim was tough. He was a ticking time bomb, but he was still a friend and was helping to dig holes to bury those who died during the walker invasion. Although his time on The Walking Dead was short, Jim isn’t forgotten.