Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s daughter won’t ‘let it go’ as Elsa

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s adorable daughter is a huge Elsa fan, and it turns out that The Walking Dead star has a hard time getting her to “let it go.”

Disney’s Frozen movies are insanely popular and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s daughter George clearly loves them. With Frozen 2 still in theaters, it’s no surprise that Anna and Elsa merchandise is all over the place, but it turns out that George has a strong preference for one of the Arendelle sisters. That means that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie had to go to extreme measures at bath time because George doesn’t want to let it go – ever.

Morgan posted an adorable video of George on social media. She’s dressed as her favorite character Else, and apparently she loves the costume so much that her parents had to hide it in order for her to take a bath.

Take a look:

According to Morgan, George “prefers Elsa to Anna. We had to hide this costume. Turns out taking baths with glubs [sic] is not easy. After a few days of SPRINTING away from mom and dad at bath time, it went “missing” she begrudgingly wore Anna. But yelled Elsa every few minutes to remind us of her allegiance.”

It sounds like George already understands what it’s like to be a fan! We know that her dad is a huge Seahawks fan, so he knows that you have to rep your fandom all day, every day.

For George’s sake, let’s hope that her Elsa costume makes a swift return…and for her mom and dad’s sake we hope that the Anna costume keeps her occupied long enough to make bath time easier! (Frozen isn’t going anywhere any time soon, though, so there’s a good chance that Queen Elsa will prevail in the end!)

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As for the Negan fans and the members of the TWD Family who miss seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Sunday nights, The Walking Dead will return on February 23.

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