2 Fear the Walking Dead cast members to enter The Twilight Zone

Two familiar faces from Fear the Walking Dead will be featured in episodes from the second season of the CBS All Access series The Twilight Zone.

It’s always fun seeing actors from The Walking Dead universe in other projects. Watching a movie, TV show, or production and seeing a familiar face from the zombie apocalypse helps to see those actors in a different light and adds a little more fun to the experience.

Recently, it was announced by Entertainment Weekly that season 2 of The Twilight Zone will feature quite a few stars from other projects when it airs on CBS All Access and two of those individuals should be well-known to those who watch AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead.

Colman Domingo, known for playing Victor Strand, will be in an episode titled “Downtime” which is written by Us and Get Out creator Jordan Peele. It will also feature a stunning number of other amazing actors including Morena Baccarin and Tony Hale.

The other zombie-fighting survivor to appear on The Twilight Zone is Jenna Elfman. The actress known for playing June (or Laura…or Naomi) will be part of an episode titled “A Human Face” which includes Chris Meloni and Tavi Gevinson. It is written by Alex Rubens, known for his work on projects like Key & Peele and Community.

The first season of The Twilight Zone was an absolute blast, twisting each episode into delightfully intriguing bite-sized chunks. All ten episodes of the show told unique stories that put a spin on the conventional stories. In fact, The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun was part of season 1.

Be sure to check out Fear the Walking Dead stars Colman Domingo and Jenna Elfman when they appear on The Twilight Zone for the second season on CBS All Access. It should be one heck of a good time!