The Walking Dead season 10B: Why Gamma is redeemable

Thora Birch as Gamma - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8
Thora Birch as Gamma - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8 /

The survivors on The Walking Dead have a major pending conflict with the Whisperers for the second half of season 10. There is hope that Gamma will be spared and survives after the Whisperer war.

When The Walking Dead returns for season 10B, there will be a lot of questions for how the war with the Whisperers will play out and who will still be standing after it’s over. There is a high hope that Gamma will be one of the people to survive after the war is over for much-needed redemption.

Gamma’s actions, from sacrificing her sister to carrying out duties laid out by Alpha, are clearly out of fear more than a firm belief of the Whisperer way of life. She didn’t seem to fully understand everything Alpha wanted to do but didn’t question it.

Alpha feeding the lie that she killed her daughter for the greater good of the group was leverage that she milked. That leverage was perhaps the strongest over Gamma, who returned the favor with a real sacrifice of her own.

Most likely, she didn’t want to come across as ungrateful and face a fate like her fellow Whisperers. More Whisperers have been killed at the hands of Beta and Alpha due to what they deem to be insubordinate behavior.

She has not carried out major crimes against the communities, aside from her standoff with Aaron and carrying out Alpha’s plan to use walkers to poison the river. Both were under the circumstances of obeying Alpha.

That makes her redemption more realistic with high hope for her to pull through. The situation with the Whisperers is getting more dangerous as she plays the role of a spy for the communities.

Gamma could have easily ignored the fact Lydia is still alive to stay focused on the mission for the good of the pack. It shows that she does have morals when it isn’t clouded by an arm-twisting influence.

If Gamma, whom we now know as Mary, does not survive, it will kind of be a sad moment on The Walking Dead. She is a person who does not know much besides Alpha’s world and she clearly wants to escape that primitive lifestyle now that she realizes she owes Alpha nothing.

It would be a great moment for Gamma to have the freedom and heal all her wounds and live a true life within the community and learn about the rebuild of civilization. The community of Alexandria was not so accepting of Lydia, so how they treat Mary will certainly be an adjustment.

It’s not a perfect world and more than likely Mary would be pushed too far, but hopefully, their justice system is fixed, unlike the time they dragged their feet for what happened to Lydia. If Mary can get past all of that, the learning process for what else she is capable of and what she contributes would be a happy ending for what will surely be an emotional and bloody conflict.

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If Gamma will survive or not, none of us know, but all of us hope that Gamma will be given a chance to shed her undead skin as a Whisperer and have a fresh start within the community after the conflict. Stay tuned as the road to The Walking Dead continues and see if Gamma can survive in her dangerous position to gain a fresh start on Feb. 23 on AMC.