Who died in season 2 episode 5 of The Walking Dead?

Glenn (Steven Yeun) - The Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Glenn (Steven Yeun) - The Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Which characters didn’t make it out of season 2 episode 5 of AMC’s zombie drama series The Walking Dead titled “Chupacabra” alive?

Things were getting complicated on the Greene family farm during season 2 of The Walking Dead. Shane had just sacrificed Otis in order to return to Hershel with the medical supplies necessary to help deal with Carl’s gunshot.

In the meantime, other survivors had finding Sophia on their minds. After she was lost during the walker invasion on the highway, nobody had been able to find hide nor hair of her. Still, the group was not giving up.

Season 2 episode 5 of The Walking Dead titled “Chupacabra” aired on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011 and planted the seeds for a big story to be unveiled on the Greene family farm. But who didn’t make it out of the episode alive?

Here is who died in episode 205:

  • A squirrel
  • A walker

Daryl sure can hunt! Even if it is just small game hunting, he did his best to make sure that those he cared about didn’t go hungry. He is also great at dealing with walkers, of course hallucinating about your brother can make a hunting trip a lot more interesting. Thankfully, he killed the walker by shaking off his delusion.

This episode could have had a scary death if Andrea was a more confident shot. She mistook Daryl coming out of the woods for being a member of the undead and nearly took a shot at him. Even more interesting was that Daryl found the doll Sophia was carrying, meaning they now have a bit of a trail to follow for when they keep looking for her.

Another shocking moment came at the end of “Chupacabra” when Glenn thought he was going to the barn to hook up with Maggie and instead discovered they were using the building to house dozens of the undead.

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It would have been absolutely crazy to lose Daryl in this episode considering how much more involved he becomes in the story during later seasons. Thank goodness that he, and every other human, survived this episode of The Walking Dead!