Who died in season 2 episode 6 of The Walking Dead?

Which characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead struggled to make it out of season 2 episode 6 titled “Secrets” alive or died?

As the title suggests, there were a lot of secrets being kept on the Greene family farm during the second season of The Walking Dead. Lori had her pregnancy test she was hiding from Rick, Hershel had a barn full of walkers, Glenn was hooking up with Maggie, Shane had sacrificed Otis, and much more was happening behind the scenes while Carl recovered and others searched for Sophia.

So many questionable, confusing, and surprising things happening, season 2 episode 6 titled “Secrets” that it set the stage for numerous big reveals to happen. There is still danger around every corner, and keeping information from each other makes things even more intense.

There was some life lost in episode 206 of The Walking Dead, but humans tended to fare pretty well. Here is who was lost during this installment of the AMC zombie drama series:

  • Some chickens

There were some reveals of human deaths during “Secrets” that hit kind of hard. Several members of the Greene family and the community were captured by Hershel’s group and placed inside the barn in the event that a cure is discovered and they can be brought back as normal, fully-functioning human beings.

Walkers, however, aren’t too picky about what living creatures they eat. They like humans, but won’t skip over a meal of an animal. The Greene family farm learned that lesson when the undead got into their chicken coop and had a big meal.

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There were some dangerous situations and tough decisions made during season 2 episode 6 of The Walking Dead but “Secrets” thankfully didn’t see any human deaths happen in this installment of the hit AMC zombie drama. At least they’re safe…for now.