Telltale’s The Walking Dead games return to Microsoft Store

Clementine - The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Skybound and Telltale Games
Clementine - The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Skybound and Telltale Games /

The award-winning games from Telltale based on The Walking Dead have quietly returned to the Microsoft Store after being away for quite a while.

The Walking Dead Universe is a massive place filled with multiple television shows, a huge comic book series, movies in the works, and much more, but an often overlooked yet amazing part of the franchise is the games made by Telltale Games.

Watching our favorite characters from the games fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse as they learn more about themselves and their environment has been an amazing journey for fans, but it’s also one that new individuals couldn’t introduce themselves to using the Microsoft Store since the games were pulled in May 2019 according to TrueAchievements.

Now, without much fanfare, the games have returned to the digital marketplace and now every single installment of the series can be purchased as well as The Definitive Edition which includes every season of the game along with 400 Days and the popular Michonne-based spinoff.

The story of Telltale Games struggling financially and needing help to finish the final installment of the season was heartbreaking since many invested gamers wanted to see a conclusion to the story of Clementine and A.J. after sticking with the series for years.

Thanks to Skybound working with Epic Games and members of the Telltale Games staff, the final game was able to be completed and give fans a satisfying conclusion to the story. However, now that entire experience is able to be had by gamers who have yet to play through the amazing story-driven games thanks to them returning to the Microsoft Store.

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Of course, it is highly recommended that you play the amazing games set in the world of The Walking Dead if you have never had the opportunity. And if you have played through, there is no better time to check out the branching storylines that can happen by playing through the games again.