The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun once again shines at Sundance

There are many former cast members from The Walking Dead who go on to do wonderful things but Steven Yeun is doing things on his own terms.

Glenn Rhee was one of the most beloved characters on The Walking Dead while the character was still around. His innocence combined with passion and humanity make him relatable to many fans and seeing his love with Maggie blossom on the screen was one of the most beautiful parts of the AMC drama’s early seasons.

Sadly, all good things come to an end and the character played by Steven Yeun met his demise in the show’s seventh season. After that experience, the actor found several great and unique projects to be a part of, including several critically acclaimed films.

Over the past few years, Yeun has made some noise in the well-received Korean film Burning and the adventure move Okja, showcasing his range and talent on the screen. However, he is far from done when shaking up the world of cinema.

Yeun might have another hit on his hands if the response of Minari at the Sundance Film Festival is any indication. According to the Washington Post, the film about a Korean family moving to rural Arkansas.

The low-budget film from Lee Isaac Chung is reportedly an emotional one, leaving many viewers with tear-filled eyes. It didn’t take much for Yeun to get on board for Minari since he was hooked after reading an honest and powerful script.

“I’ve read many scripts about families of immigrants. A lot of the time, they’re explanatory or they’re catering to an audience that’s not even of themselves. When it does that, it loses its authenticity and romanticizes in some ways, idealizes in other ways. When I read the script, I was like: This is unabashedly a truthful telling of these human beings.”

Based on the response from critics and other film fans at Sundance on Jan. 26, 2020, Minari is a movie that fans of Steven Yeun will not want to miss. Keep an eye out for the moving Korean drama’s full release at an unknown future date.