Who died in season 2 episode 9 of The Walking Dead?

Glenn (Steven Yeun) - Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Glenn (Steven Yeun) - Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Season 2 episode 9 of The Walking Dead picked up where the action stopped at the bar but did everyone make it out of “Triggerfinger” alive?

After making the decision to continue harassing Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, and Hershel Green instead of heading to Nebraska, two strangers met their end inside a local bar at the end of the previous episode.  However, The Walking Dead wasn’t done putting characters in danger.

It turns out Dave and Tony were not alone. They had people outside the bar on watch and the gunshots from inside alerted walkers to their presence and now the threat of the living and the undead put the three survivors in a sticky situation.

Would all three make it out of the bar and back to the farm alive? And is everything okay on the farm? Here is who was lost in “Triggerfinger” which was the Feb. 19, 2012 episode of The Walking Dead:

  • walkers
  • Sean

One of the scariest parts of this episode had nothing to do with the bar or Herschel. Instead, it was Lori flipping a car and the undead closing in on her that made the situation so intense. Still a bit disoriented from the crash, she stabbed one walker in the head and shoved another to the ground, smashing it with a hubcap. Even just after regaining consciousness, Lori is a fighter.

At the bar, Randall doesn’t really want to fight after seeing Sean get shot by Hershel when attempting to sneak up on Glenn. Sean was surrounded by walkers and devoured in a gruesome fashion.

Randall was going to make his escape when Nate pulled up with a vehicle and alerted everyone that walkers were coming. In an attempt to get in the vehicle, Randall impaled his leg on a fence and was left behind by his people for Rick and the group to deal with.

Daryl has continued his hunting near the farm, hanging dead squirrels on a clothesline along with some “trophy” walker ears. The area around the Greene family settlement has to be losing nearly all its squirrel population at this point.

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Thankfully, none of the humans that fans have learned to care about over the course of the series died in this episode of The Walking Dead, but keeping up with these close calls and dangerous situations isn’t a good trend.