The Walking Dead season 10B eerie new teaser released

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AM8 /

Another new teaser for The Walking Dead season 10B dropped today that shows the Whisperer War is going to be terrifying.

The Walking Dead season 10 midseason premiere titled “Squeeze” is just under two weeks away and the show has been releasing lots of little teasers that provide hints of what’s to come. But the latest teaser titled “Darkness” is the scariest teaser released so far.

The clip starts with Alpha saying, “Do you see beyond the darkness into the light? You will.” Is she talking about dying? Is she saying that to someone from the communities who is dying? Generally, when people are dying they talk about seeing a white light, which could be the light she’s referring to.

There are a lot of quick images in the trailer of the survivors in trouble and standing together to face Alpha and the entire Whisperer army. It looks like the final battle will take place at Hilltop and it looks utterly terrifying:

There are a lot of disturbing clips in that teaser, such as Michonne wielding Lucille, Kelly trapped in a car by walkers, and Judith crying. But the truly scary images are of the impending battle between the Whisperers and survivors. This is the kind of post-apocalyptic visionary sequence that nightmares are made of. An army of the dead facing a small band of the living with extinction for one side or the other hanging in the balance. How can the communities triumph in a fight against an army of death?

Who Will Survive?

Fans already know that there’s a strong likelihood some of their favorite characters won’t survive this battle against Alpha. The pike deaths proved that Alpha will kill with no hesitation, which means her followers will too.

Alpha’s creed for her cult of the dead is that they are the end of the world and they will be the end for some characters. Who will make it out? Is anyone safe? Carol and Daryl are probably safe, and some of the characters that have already been shown to be alive later in the season like Yumiko, Eugene, and King Ezekiel. But that still leaves a lot of people who could die because of the Whisperers.

What About Michonne?

It’s been known for some time that Michonne will be written out of the original show because of the departure of Danai Gurira. But fans don’t know if Michonne will be killed or if she will exit the story another way. Fans are hoping that Michonne will get some sign that rick is alive and go to find him but based on this recent trailer the odds that she dies are about 50/50.

The End Of The Whisperer Arc

The full-on clash between Alpha and the survivors has been building for over a season and while it’s definitely for this arc to come to end it will be sad to see it end because the Whisperers have revitalized the show and made it terrifying and electrifying again.

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The juxtaposition of the pure amoral evil of Alpha and her pack and the hope, loyalty, and humanity that is at the heart of everything the survivors do is delicious, and even though the next narrative arc will be interesting it’s hard to imagine anything being as thrilling as the Whisperers arc has been.

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