The Walking Dead: World Beyond will monumentally expand the universe

Alexa Mansour as Hope, Aliyah Royale as Iris, Nicolas Cantu as Elton - TWD3 _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/AMC
Alexa Mansour as Hope, Aliyah Royale as Iris, Nicolas Cantu as Elton - TWD3 _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/AMC /

The Walking Dead: World Beyond has the potential to be something that will blow viewers minds! Will we learn about the fate of Rick Grimes or will it reveal even more?

With The Walking Dead universe gaining another show a world of possibilities opens, and knowing that The Walking Dead: World Beyond has a pre-determined ending after two seasons in place we know something is brewing within this show that can overshadow anything we have seen before. World Beyond could change The Walking Dead universe as we know it and project it into a place even the comics couldn’t foresee.

The current clues we have about the show suggest that a group of younger people venture out from what they have known for most of their life. This means that no matter if they leave what we know as CRM or are heading towards it, the story cannot be entirely focused on what CRM is or what it means.

More clues we receive are that these characters are on this journey for so long that some change and not for the better. That seems to mean this show will most likely take place surrounding the hardships this group goes through and less on the “where” aspect but more “how and why.”

This leads me into the last clue, the actual title of the show. What does World Beyond mean? This had me thinking of another TV series and leads to me drawing out some comparisons to The Walking Dead universe. From 2006 to 2008 another apocalyptic show starring Lennie James also had 2 seasons: Jericho!

Without getting too far into Jericho spoilers, catastrophe strikes the United States in the form of many bombs that leave the country in complete shambles. There is a moment for some of the characters much like in The Walking Dead when they meet Jesus and he tells them there are more communities out there. In Jericho, it is surrounding towns.

In both of these instances, these are huge moments because we are so enthralled in this small group story we often forget there is a huge world out there that we don’t know about. However, in Jericho, there are much larger things at play and that is what I believe we will find in World Beyond. In Jericho, we learn that many more people survived. In fact, we could say so many a new civil war could be on the horizon.

With the title of World Beyond, it is certainly possible we discover states or even countries have formed and with the lack of communication the groups we know in Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have no idea about any of it. World Beyond could truly be a catalyst for huge things to come in the future.

This new World Beyond group has the potential to discover a newly formed state or country for that matter. This could create a to link all the shows in a large way. Perhaps the reason for the lining up the shows back to back this year is because they will slowly and subtly lead into one another in very broad ways, starting with Michonne leaving after possibly discovering something so perplexing about a new community that she has to learn what is going on.

This could be something as simple as Michonne is at/or leaves from a naval base at the end of The Walking Dead 10b. Then when World Beyond airs, it is mentioned a group they encounter is in control of naval bases on the eastern side of the United States. They could also encounter people expanding settlements leading into Fear The Walking dead. Maybe a newly formed state or country are the people who help form and send Virginia’s people out in Fear The Walking Dead.

With the number of communities we saw on Virginia’s map and how our group was split up, her reach is much farther than we originally thought. If she truly has settlements all over Texas that communicate with each other it’s possible even she knows something larger is out there waiting, and perhaps this is the reason for splitting up our group, so that we see more angles of this operation.

It is also possible the helicopter group is the military of one of the states that has reformed. In this case, our World Beyond group could wander into something potentially deadly and much bigger than themselves. World Beyond makes the possibilities endless.

Even though World Beyond will be ending after two seasons, I think the changes it will bring will be far too important to just leave the characters we learn about behind. If World Beyond truly expands the universe in a big way we will definitely be seeing them again in the other series or even the Rick Grimes movies.

The most common assumption seen floating around social media about World Beyond was that since there is a clear link to CRM, this show would be a set up for the Rick Grimes movies. There’s no question that the new show could also give us more crucial information on the people who took him and what life is like for him.

While learning more about Rick Grimes is something all fans want to know I think that is vastly underselling what this show’s potential could be and also ignoring some key information we are already given about the series. While I have no doubts that we will get some big hints as to where Rick Grimes is and what it has been like for him, I think this is far larger than just Rick Grimes.

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