Jeffrey Dean Morgan loses his beloved alpaca Snowball

Known for playing Negan on The Walking Dead, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan tended to his beloved alpaca during its final hours.

This story, unfortunately, has a very sad ending. Jeffrey Dean Morgan of The Walking Dead sat with his beloved alpaca, Snowball day and night to help the animal while it was suffering through an illness.

The popular actor kept updating concerned fans on the status of poor Snowball and sadly the alpaca was unable to continue the fight.

The Negan actor and his family have a 100-acre farm in Dutchess County New York called Mischief Farm. You can subscribe to their newsletter about what goes on at their farm on their website.  Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton Morgan are always showing their new animals and the goings-on at their farm on their social media pages. Fans really enjoy seeing this other side of a man whose character, Negan, isn’t so loved on The Walking Dead.

The Morgans had this to say about their beloved Snowball on their website for the farm:

Snowball is my sad, sweet boy. He’s a Sure alpaca, so his pure white hair hangs in long droopy locks, making him always look wet and small compared to his Huacaya brothers. He is a sissy, and we love him for it

Morgan shared this tweet with his fans.

When JDM cries, we all cry. This was posted before the animal lost its fight and it was so heart wrenching to watch.

The Morgan’s are an amazing couple and have really immersed themselves in the local community. They are partners with Paul Rudd in Samuel’s Sweet Shop in Rhinebeck. They also raise money for Astor Services for Children & Families in Rhinebeck. They are always showing wonderful pictures of themselves in the farm life which included their two children. Their whole family gets involved in the running of the farm.

Morgan has been keeping very busy in his professional life with his role on The Walking Dead, filming episodes of Ride with Norman Reedus with his close friend and castmate Norman Reedus, as well as filming The Postcard Killings, Walkaway Joe, and Shrine.  It has also been announced that he will be at a newly created Fandemic event called Fandemic Dead in October in Atlanta.

Our condolences go out to the Morgan family with the loss of Snowball.

Be sure to catch Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead on February 23 on AMC.