MVP from The Walking Dead episode 1009 ‘Squeeze’

Cooper Andrews as Jerry - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Cooper Andrews as Jerry - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

The Walking Dead kicked off the second half of season 10 with an explosive mid-season premiere. Let’s see which character came out on top!

What seemed like a 2-year mid-season break from The Walking Dead came to an end this Sunday. Fans got a chance to see what happened in the cave and who made it out, and we even got to see a special love scene from Alpha and Negan. However, one person shined above the rest, earning the title of MVP!

I chose this special someone as MVP for their unwavering support and loving spirit. This person normally shines brightly among the group and is already a fan favorite but they cemented the reasons why we love them during this episode, even though they went through a lot, too.

This week’s MVP is Jerry!

Jerry managed to shine at several points in the episode, as he does each time he appears. The first reason is, of course, his jovial spirit and sense of humor! Even in the bleakest of situations he is always cheerful and lifting the mood, which makes any stressful scene a bit more easy to handle.

However, in this mid-season premiere, he was an even brighter light in the group than normal. When Kelly falls into the cave, she injured her leg in some way, which made jumping from rock to rock very hard on her. She tripped during one jump and was nearly bitten, but then Jerry came in clutch helping save her from a walker!

He was the one to first notice directions on the wall, and he often brought up the rear of the group, a decision I think he made on purpose to protect the group. While watching the Talking Dead and listening to Cooper Andrews he mentioned that Jerry is more of a protector than a fighter. So to me, being last in line gives him a peace of mind as far as knowing everyone else is okay from the dangers behind them.

Cooper Andrews also chatted on Talking Dead about believing he would meet his fate in the cave. He joked about dying while stuck in the smaller path out, but that at least his body could act as a plug so more walkers couldn’t get through. This is the attitude that makes us love Cooper and Jerry so much! Even in a death scene he would be cracking jokes and trying to be helpful.

Last but certainly not least he held up the portion of the shaft, keeping the hole open so everyone could get out. Without Jerry, it’s very possible the numbers could be reversed with only a couple of people making it out. His actions made it very clear in this episode that he would do anything in his power to save and protect his friends.

I think two other members certainly deserve honorable mentions, and those are Connie and Daryl. Daryl certainly stepped up and took a big role in helping everyone get out of the cave. While he wasn’t successful in getting through to Carol, he kept good communication with everyone else and that definitely counts for something. I’m hoping losing these two members, doesn’t back peddle the progress he made in this episode.

Connie was very amazing during this episode as well, calming Carol when she was dealing with her phobia. As well as helping keep everyone safe and heading in the right direction. She also went back to help Daryl and Carol, as well as Magna in the end ultimately leaving her trapped in the cave with her.

Honestly, most everyone handled this cave situation with grace, if dynamite had not gone off I am confident everyone would have got out with little to no injuries. They worked together effortlessly and had one another’s back. It’s very clear that these are seasoned survivors that have lasted this long for a reason. At the end of the day, my MVP crown is certainly with Jerry, though I’m sure with his nature he would make a lighthearted joke and pass the crown to someone else.

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