The Walking Dead 1010 live stream: Watch ‘Stalker’ online

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

The Walking Dead continues season 10 with “Stalker.” Here’s what you need to know to watch episode 1010 on TV and online.

After one group of survivors made it out of the cave (some, but not all, of course), it is time to return to Alexandria as the Whisperer War starts heating up. In The Walking Dead 1010, “Stalker”, the community gets a little visit from Alpha’s big man.

Alexandria has been in a heightened state of paranoia in the days following Siddiq’s shocking death. The residents know that war is coming but they’re reeling from Dante’s betrayal and the loss of one of their own. No one is as upset as Rosita, of course, and that means Gabriel is also there for her.

Gamma is out there somewhere. She’s supposed to be on a mission for Alpha but Negan was able to convince Alpha that she’s the spy, so Alpha sent her trusted second in command to find her. Alpha is ready to make an example of her…if Beta can find her. Is Alexandria ready for Beta’s visit?

Here’s the synopsis of The Walking Dead 1010, “Stalker”: “Our group must defend Alexandria from a threatening, outside force.”

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead and all of the ways you can watch it online:

Episode: Season 10 Episode 10 “Stalker”

Original Airdate: March 1, 2020

Writer: Jim Barnes

Director: Bronwen Hughes

Start Time: 9:00 PM ET

Channel: AMC

How to Watch:, AMC Premiere or the AMC App (both require a cable subscription), Sling, AppleTV, Philo, FuboTV, YouTubeTV, Amazon Fire TV

Watch The Walking Dead on fuboTV: Watch over 67 live sports and entertainment channels with a 7-day FREE trial!

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The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM on AMC. Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick airs immediately following the premiere of AMC’s new show Dispatches from Elsewhere. This week’s guests include Thora Birch (Gamma), executive producer Denise Huth and World Beyond’s Nico Tortorella.