Interview: Cassady McClincy talks Alpha, Daryl and the freaky deaky

Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

Undead Walking talked with The Walking Dead star Cassady McClincy about Lydia’s return and her thoughts on *that* moment.

The Walking Dead episode 1010 featured Lydia’s return after disappearing at the end of 10A. It was a big moment as she saved Daryl’s life and seemed to close the book on her past. Undead Walking had a chance to talk with Cassady McClincy about Lydia’s return in “Stalker”, including where she’s been and what her decision means for her character moving forward.

Of course, we had to start out with a few questions about that scene between Negan and Alpha from “Squeeze” that left the fandom buzzing.

What was your reaction to watching 1009 and seeing Negan and Alpha’s big scene?

Haha, well I read it in the script last year, but it was still really surprising to see a scene like that on TWD. The scene IS in the comics though, but to see it “in the flesh” is something else. Jeffrey and Sam are both amazing and beautiful humans on their own, but as villains on the show, seeing them come together like that definitely has its shock factor!

How do you think Lydia will react when she finds out about Negan and Alpha, and does that change the way she sees Negan moving forward?

I’m not sure that Lydia, or anyone else, will find out about that rendezvous in the woods. I think that Lydia would have been as shocked as the rest of us, had she happened to walk up on that encounter! Lydia isn’t quite sure of his motives, or what to expect of Negan going forward, but she is grateful to him for saving her and is horrified that he was blamed for Margo’s death in the aftermath.

How long was Lydia watching Alpha and Daryl? Do you think she heard them talking about her?

Lydia knows the woods and is aware of who is where and when, but she wasn’t specifically spying on or stalking a certain group or person. I don’t believe that Lydia heard much of the conversation between Alpha and Daryl, but rushed to the scene when she heard the fight and realized that Daryl may be in trouble. 

Even with her terrible injuries, Alpha reprimands Lydia for calling her “mama”. Is this surprising at all for Lydia? Does this just confirm what she already knows about her mother and the fact that she will never change?

Even though it’s not surprising for Lydia to hear her mom reprimand her, it doesn’t make it hurt any less. It was hard for Lydia to see her mom in that near death state, and she subsequently had a moment of compassion, but Alpha’s remarks quickly brought Lydia back to reality and confirmed the person that she knew her mom to be. 

Alpha wants Lydia to kill her, but it’s almost like yet another one of her tests. Do you think there is a situation to where Lydia could ever kill her mom? Do you think Lydia has ever thought about/wanted to be the new leader of the Whisperers?

Yes, I think that Lydia could absolutely kill Alpha if it came down to a moment where she had to choose between her mother or the life of one or more of those that she has grown to love and care about. Lydia probably thought that being a Whisperer was her life long fate, but she never wanted to be the leader of such a group. 

Is Lydia still Alpha’s weakness, or did turning her back on her mother change things completely and open Alpha’s eyes to the fact that she has lost Lydia forever?

This latest betrayal by Lydia has brought out a new ruthless and crazed Alpha. I think that instead of being Alpha’s weakness, her betrayal has strengthened Alpha with a new resolve to win this Whisperer’s War once and for all. 

At the end, Lydia tells Daryl that she was out in the woods “deciding.” Was it really even a decision for her, or do you think she just needed a minute to process everything that has happened?

It was both. Lydia needed to get away and being in the woods is like therapy for her; a place to really think, and yes, process everything that had happened and decide how to best be of help.

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Big thanks go out to Cassady McClincy for taking the time to chat with us!

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