Who is Judith calling ‘Daito’ in season 10 of The Walking Dead?

Judith took to her walkie-talkie in season 10 episode 11 of The Walking Dead to reach out to someone called “Daito” but who is this person?

The Walking Dead is a show that tends to have a lot of fun with nicknames and call signs. Over the years, the show has given some fun and interesting names and nicknames to characters and the newest addition is no exception.

While Eugene has taken the nickname “Taterbug” on the radio and Judith has definitely lived up to the nickname given to her by Daryl at the Prison, another survivor seems to have taken on a fitting radio call sign as well.

In season 10 episode 11 of The Walking Dead, there is a lot happening. However, in one scene Judith is seen on her walkie-talking calling out for someone going by the name of “Daito” but getting no response.

Many people will likely pick up on the significance of that word, but others may be confused as to who this new call sign belongs to. The reason Judith is making that call is that she wants to check in on Michonne.

Calling Michonne “Daito” makes a lot of sense since the word actually refers to a type of Japanese sword, specifically a long-bladed weapon much like Michonne is known for carrying. It is often seen in Anime programs and Samurai films.

Using a call name is a great way to not only keep Michonne’s location and identity a bit of secret but may also be somethings that originated from Michonne and Judith as a way to be a bit of an inside joke for them.

Michonne’s iconic weapon is a great identity for her on the radio and would likely be something people who know her and her trip could figure out, yet keep her safe from strangers at the same time. And, let’s be honest, it’s much more intimidating than “Taterbug” will ever be.