MVP from The Walking Dead episode 1011 ‘Morning Star’

John Finn as Earl - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
John Finn as Earl - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead season 10 episode 11 was on fire, quite literally! Who stood out among the flames and deserves the MVP crown?

The Walking Dead season 10, episode 11 ended in a fiery explosion with no way out. Fans were left on the edge of their seats, wondering if their favorite characters would make it out alive. Viewers are left on a huge cliffhanger with many questions. Has Negan gone too far now to be redeemed? Is this the end of Kingtop?

This week’s MVP showed true passion for the people and things they loved. They tried to rally the troops and break everyone from their worried panic. In the end, they were a person Kingtop needed to push things forward and do what had to be done. Even on a personal level, they showed devotion to their family.

This week’s MVP is Earl!

Earl was a true stand out character this week and a light within the darkness heading their way. When Kingtop had their meeting about the future and what needed to happen, Earl from the start proposed they should stand their ground and do everything they could to protect Kingtop. While scary was something everyone needed to hear at least because it was a real possibility.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that The Walking Dead had a very large time hop so these people have found a home here now for 5+ years. That’s five years of making a life and growing a family. Earl had been with Tammy for a long time, now he has spent a significant amount of time with Alden and Adam, and he showed in this episode he would do anything for them.

Standing up to Aaron about Mary meeting Adam was a very admirable action. As viewers, we may see her intent as kind, and we know she is a character who is growing and wanting to be on the side of our survivors, but Earl hasn’t seen everything she has done. Blood relation can only go so far and everyone at Kingtop saw Adam be abandoned by his very own mother.

It’s is unclear if Earl knows Mary killed her sister, and Adams’s biological mother, however, if his mother would do such a horrible thing then why should Mary be trusted at all. He spoke for Adam and to Alden with such love in his voice that fans gushed on social media about what a beautiful father figure he had become.

Towards the very end of the episode, when everyone realized that they had no option but to fight, characters and even fans seemed terrified and discouraged as odds kept stacking up against them. Earl once again took this as a moment to ignite fight into everyone and viewers cheered. No doubt this war will bring fire and death, but Earl is right at least they go out protecting something truly special.

This week the two honorable mentions are Aaron and Beta! Beta may not have had any lines (other than chanting) but he doesn’t need to speak to show what a force he is. His plans with the sap were amazing and this is exactly what makes the Whisperers such an incredible villain group. They are smart and always seem a few steps ahead of the game.

Seeing Aaron on the front lines protecting Kingtop, while nerve-wracking was quite a spectacular sight. He may have been at Earls’s opposition at most turns in this episode, but he also showed a passion for his side and it was very admirable as well. The crown however without a doubt belongs to Earl, a father, a husband, a friend and heart of Kingtop.

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