Fans react to the biggest moment in The Walking Dead 1011

The Whisperers launched an onslaught on the Hilltop and fans had feelings about it, and about some of the emotional moments before the battle began.

The Whisperer War on The Walking Dead is hurtling towards a conclusion. The first real battle in the Whisperer War took place in 1011 “Morning Star” when Alpha let her horde loose against the Hilltop and used some tricks like flammable sap filled balloons to cause even more destruction at the Hilltop.

The fighters from Hilltop and the few Alexandrians who were there finally got to use all the training they had done at Oceanside and some of their old school shields and weapons too, like Dary’s morning star. But their weapons and their bravery couldn’t withstand Alpha’s horde of tens of thousands of walkers and her own fighters. Armed with fire arrows that set the sap they had thrown on the survivors and the fence alight the Whisperers appear to have the upper hand in this battle.

Comic readers were delighted to see the battle play out on screen. In the comics it’s a major battle, and director Michael Satrazemis managed to translate some of the most iconic battle images from the comic to the screen in an epic way. Overall fans were thrilled with the battle for Hilltop, although they’re afraid to find out who won’t make it through the battle.

The emotional moments before the battle made a big impression on fans too. Carol standing in front of Glenn’s portrait, Daryl standing in the graveyard paying respect to Glenn, Abe, Jesus, and all the Hilltoppers who were lost, and Lydia and Carol remembering Henry gave the episode some emotional heft as well as some jaw dropping battle action. Here’s what fans on Twitter thought of the battle for Hilltop in The Walking Dead 1011 “Morning Star”:

For Hilltop!

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