Are Jerry’s days numbered on The Walking Dead?

Cooper Andrews as Jerry - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Cooper Andrews as Jerry - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

The last episode of The Walking Dead left us with little hope and Kingtop engulfed in flames. Will Jerry and his family make it off the battlefield or will we lose a fan favorite on Sunday?

The Walking Dead season 10 has been leading up to this moment. Tensions are at an all-time high and a battle is raging at Kingtop. All fans want to know is whether or not their favorites make it out alive. Based on the promos and 1012 photos, unfortunately, it seems sweet Jerry could be in some serious trouble.

Looking at the photos from 1012, we can gather confirmation of survival for a few characters. While bites and scratches from walkers can’t be ruled out, we can see that the children, Earl, Mary, Aaron, Luke, and Kelly all make it out of battle. Alpha and Negan also seem unharmed.

It is important to note that Earl appears to look sick in these photos. This could mean Earl was bitten or he is simply exhausted from battle. In the photos, he is with most of the children in a building of some kind and it is daylight outside. In a time like this Earl would be understandably restless and unable to sleep, so the worry in his face could be a combination of being tired and not knowing where Adam is.

In the trailer for episode 1012, we get to confirm a couple more characters at least make it out of the Kingtop battle alive. We see an injured Lydia making her way through the woods. Daryl and Rosita, with possibly Diane and a few others whose identities can’t be confirmed, are on some sort of scouting mission.

Check out the trailer for Episode 12 below:

In the trailer labeled “Darkness” we get to see Carol in a scene.  Alden is in a car with Kelly and Adam. Lastly, we see Eugene, Yumiko and King Ezekiel are off on the journey to potentially meet Eugene’s radio friend Stephanie. So, unfortunately, there are only a couple of people left out of future scenes who are present at Kingtop currently.

With redshirt characters aside, Jerry and his beautiful wife Nabila are nowhere to be seen. Could we be looking at a double whammy death scene? Even more concerning is we see King Ezekiel in the latest promo getting all the children out. This is a promise he and Daryl made to each other if one falls the other gets the kids out.

On the surface that may not be concerning because maybe King Ezekiel is simply honoring that promise. Jerry could be caught in a hard battle and can’t make it to his children, it seems plausible as Aaron and Gracie also get separated. The big question here is, why is Nabila not with her children at the very least? Nabila and Jerry not appearing in promos is extremely concerning. Does one of them die in the arms of the other and this is why it can’t be shown?

In episode 1011 we see Nabila during the scene where Alden confronts Mary and Aaron. When Alden turns around and picks up Adam we can see Nabila is there holding her small child in a wrap around her. Whenever we see her, she is either with her children or very close to them. In battle, naturally, I would think she would be helping King Ezekiel get the children to safety. I think the answer could be that she trusts the King with her children and she has to run to comfort Jerry in his final moments.

With this storyline in the comics bringing massive deaths and destruction to the ones we love, as fans we can only sit back and assume it will be the same on television. Sadly it does seem Jerry, and Nabila’s fates are up in the air. Would The Walking Dead kill off someone as amazing as Jerry? Judging from past deaths the answer is unfortunately yes. Now, all we can do is wait until next Sunday and see what terrible prices we have to pay in war.

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