Who died in season 10 episode 12 of The Walking Dead?

Cassady McClincy as Lydia, Thora Birch as Gamma - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Cassady McClincy as Lydia, Thora Birch as Gamma - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

Season 10 episode 12 of The Walking Dead was big for the series and not everyone made it out of the Mar. 15 installment of the series alive.

The Whisperers are a major threat to the survivors in Alexandria and the Hilltop in season 10 of The Walking Dead. Their latest assault left a community on fire and mostly destroyed by a massive horde of walkers and some flaming arrows.

That chaos continued through the end of last week’s episode and now season 10 episode 12 titled “Walk With Us” featured quite a rew surprises, fighting, and danger for every individual who comes in contact with Alpha and her people.

Here is who didn’t make it out of the Mar. 15 episode of The Walking Dead alive:

  • A TON of walkers
  • Unnamed Hilltop fighters
  • Mary/Gamma
  • Earl
  • An unnamed Whisperer
  • Alpha

The bodies were literally piling up on the battlefield at the Hilltop. Walkers were killing killed by the dozens, creating barriers using their motionless bodies in order to redirect the biters still hungering for human flesh.

Of course, that battle did have some losses. Thankfully, none of the deaths on battlefield were from named characters and a majority of those were Whisperers who tried to blend themselves in with the ocean of the undead. Sadly, one of the Whisperers was killed by Judith, and taking a human life seemed to really bother her.

Earl was able to round up the young ones and get them out of the Hilltop before they were put in danger, but was bitten on the arm during his escape. He attempted to take his own life once the children were safe, but didn’t finish the job and came back as a walker. Once again, Judith came up big by taking the zombified Earl down before any damage could be done.

A big surprise came when Beta showed up on the scene and killed Mary. The former Whisperer called Gamma had been trying hard to get some time with her nephew Adam and had just done that. She risked her life to draw walkers away from the Alden, Kelly, and the baby only to run right into Beta. She was killed with a knife to the abdomen and left to come back as a walker. Once reanimated, Alden put an arrow through her head out of mercy.

Gamma had torn off a piece of Beta’s mask during their altercation and the identity of Beta was somewhat revealed. Another member of the Whisperers recognized him and mentioned about his voice being familiar. To save his identity, Beta ruthlessly killed that Whisperer without hesitation.

Finally, the biggest shock of the night came when Negan took Alpha to a shack in the woods where she believed Lydia was being held. However, the former leader of the Saviors tricked her into being alone and slashed her throat. Negan finished decapitating Alpha and delivered the head to the feet of Carol, who appears to be the one who let Negan out of his cell to infiltrate the Whisperers.

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There was quite a bit of death in this episode, whether it was the living or the undead. With this much action and drama happening, it’s no surprise this episode of The Walking Dead will be heavily talked about around the water cooler at your workplace. The only question is what is next now that Beta is at the helm of the Whisperers?