The Walking Dead writer Kevin Deiboldt shares virtual writer’s room

The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

Filming for The Walking Dead has shut down due to the coronavirus, but the writers are still working virtually.

Kevin Deiboldt, a writer for The Walking Dead, shared a photo on his Instagram of the virtual writing room. It is nice to know that even though filming isn’t taking place as scheduled, the writers are still doing their part to make sure the series continues. The fact the writers have continued working is a good thing, but this doesn’t mean it is business as usual for the series.

The Walking Dead was in pre-production before the production shut down. This has made many fans sad about the fact we may not get our usual October premiere. With the uncertainty of the coronavirus, it is unclear when filming for season 11 will be able to commence.

When the announcement came that we would have 42 episodes of The Walking Dead universe in 2020 fans were ecstatic. With the recent announcement that The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s premiere date was postponed, it brought attention to the fact that Fear the Walking Dead has only filmed about half of their sixth season, so this premiere date will also postpone. The impact on the 2020 timeline of The Walking Dead universe will be dramatically altered.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the remaining episodes of season 10 as well as re-watching past TWD and Fear TWD episodes to pass the time while we are in quarantine and practicing social distancing.

Netflix has come up with a fun way to watch these past episodes. You can use Netflix Party with your friends so you can watch from your homes but can chat while doing so. It is a great way to keep up on social distancing but having some interaction with the outside world. Undead Walking is also doing a virtual watch party using the hashtag #UndeadRewatch.

It is excellent to know that the writers and actors are so committed to this series and its spinoff series. But, fans want them all to take care of themselves during this time and not expose themselves to anything that could cause harm to their lives. It is unfortunate that things will be postponed, but it is also exciting to know that things are still moving along for the future of The Walking Dead Universe.

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