Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead episode 1014 on March 29

- Talking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/AMC
- Talking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/AMC /

Which guests will be available on Talking Dead to discuss season 10 episode 13 of AMC’s The Walking Dead with Chris Hardwick on Sunday, Mar. 29?

Talking Dead has looked a little different recently, opting for its guests to appear via video chat to discuss episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead despite the recent pandemic sweeping the world and forcing social distancing.

While it’s all a bit different, it’s great to see the show still be there for fans who want to break apart each new undead episode. Plus, it allows potential guests to remain safe at home while still appearing on the program.

Let’s take a look at who will be on Talking Dead on Mar. 29 to discuss season 10 episode 13 of The Walking Dead following what should be another powerful episode of the zombie drama series according to the show’s Twitter account and an updated tweet:

Ryan Hurst

He plays the hulking Beta on The Walking Dead but Ryan Hurst is one of the most popular characters on the AMC zombie drama series and is known for being friendly and fun. Meanwhile, Beta has yet to learn about the fate of Alpha and there is no telling what the next potential leader of the Whisperers will do next.

Ron Funches

A hilarious comedian, voice actor, writer, and actor, Ron Funches is a celebrity fan of The Walking Dead who has appeared on the post-show discussion program on numerous occasions. Recently, he has voiced King Shark on the Harley Quinn cartoon series, Cooper in the Trolls franchise, and The Fool on Adventure Time as well as acting on the shows Man with a Plan, Powerless, and Undateable.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Announced on Tuesday night, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be joining the video chat to talk about playing Negan and the wild events that have happened with the former leader of the Saviors in season 10. Morgan is also known for his roles on Supernatural, The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, and much more!

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Don’t miss Talking Dead when it airs on AMC on Sunday, Mar. 29 at 10:06 pm ET to break down The Walking Dead episode 1014. Considering everything happening with the Whisperers and Eugene’s radio, this could be another big episode with a lot to unpack.