The Walking Dead 1013: Who were the people marching in formation?

Breeda Wool as Aiden, Andrew Bachelor as Bailey, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Breeda Wool as Aiden, Andrew Bachelor as Bailey, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Michonne, deciding to look for Rick after The Walking Dead 1013, encounters a massive group of people marching in formation. Who are they?

Before Michone can get too far in her search for Rick after the events of The Walking Dead “What We Become” she encounters a massive group of people marching in formation in a clearing below. She also meets two people, one who is injured, who are actively trying to reach this group. They beg Michonne to help them, and she agrees to help. Who are these people and this huge group that is marching away?

The Walking Dead said goodbye to an integral member of the communities last week. Michonne was first introduced to the series at the very end of season 2 when she saved Andrea. Fast forward to season 10, episode 13, and this is where we say goodbye to Michonne. She had to deal with Virgil and his torture of inducing in her some terrible hallucinations. She was also reminded of her mercy during the episode. After telling her children, Judith and RJ that the brave man may yet still be alive she has decided to go after him. We all know the brave man is Rick Grimes and it is exciting to know that Michonne finally knows he wasn’t killed in the bridge explosion.

As she sets off to start looking for Rick, two people come out of the woods begging her to help them get to this mysterious group marching in a very organized manner in the clearing below their location. Michonne, most likely remembering in her hallucinations what happened when she didn’t help Andrea, she agrees to help these new people.

The two nameless members of this larger group who are dressed in cowhide ponchos have a western look to them. The injured one is even donning a cowboy hat. So, who could they be?

Part of the Commonwealth Army?

It is well-known that the Commonwealth has an army in the comics. This group we see in “What We Become” were lined up and marching in a formation that was very militant looking from our vantage point. In the comics, this army was used to patrol the routes between the communities in the Commonwealth. Although they weren’t dressed in the white uniforms that were used in the comics, perhaps they are recruits?

Part of the Pioneers from Fear the Walking Dead?

Since Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead, there is a chance this group could be part of
Virginia’s Pioneers from Fear the Walking Dead. The two are dressed in western type ponchos, and the man is wearing a cowboy hat. This wouldn’t necessarily set up the two series to intertwine, but with her departure, Michonne could easily come in contact with others in The Walking Dead universe.

Part of the CRM?

Although this is very unlikely, it is possible. The CRM group actively recruits new members, and this could be what this new group is about. This is the group that took Rick and the group that Jadis had been actively recruiting or kidnapping members to increase their numbers. It is also the group  Althea encounters in Fear the Walking Dead. 

A brand new group?

We all know the series doesn’t always follow the comics, and with the ending of the comics, the series does have some creative freedom to expand however they want. Could this be a new group that may eventually threaten our original group? Or perhaps show up in the promised movies?

We will have to wait and see what happens next. Perhaps we will never get an answer to who exactly this group is.

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