National Siblings Day: A tribute to The Walking Dead Universe siblings

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Siblings have always played an important role in The Walking Dead Universe across all three shows. Let’s celebrate them on National Siblings Day!

April 10 is National Siblings Day and The Walking Dead Universe has featured a number of siblings over the course of its three shows: The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and the upcoming spinoff World Beyond.

From main characters to characters we lost too soon, to characters whose deaths galvanized their siblings into being a force to reckon with, siblings have always been a very important part of The Walking Dead Universe, and none are as memorable as the OGs of the TWD siblings, Carl and Judith.

Carl and Judith

Carl and Judith are the most iconic of The Walking Dead siblings, partly because of Carl’s role in bringing Judith into the world. Young Carl was with his mother and Maggie when Lori gave birth, and he had to stop his mother from turning when she died. It was Carl who chose the name Judith, and everything he did moving forward was done to protect his sister.

Though Judith was very young when Carl died, she still remembers him and honors his memory in everything that she does.

Judith and RJ

Following the in Grimes siblings tradition, Judith took what she learned from Carl and became the best older sister she could be for RJ. Growing up as some of the only children in the community means that siblings have to be closer than ever, and not only does Judith take this job very seriously but now that Michonne is gone, the youngster believes that it’s her job to protect her little brother.

Fans haven’t seen a lot of RJ (which is to say we want to see more of him!) but he knows the story of “the Brave Man” and he has an entire community watching out for him so there is no question that he will grow up being loved and cherished.

And, hopefully, there will be a Grimes family reunion in the works at some point.

Nick and Alicia

When Fear the Walking Dead premiered there was something instantly relatable when it came to Alicia Clark’s relationship with her brother Nick. Like so many kids growing up with a family member with an addiction problem, she learned how to become self-sufficient because her mother was always trying to “save” her brother from himself. This self-sufficiency came in handy when the apocalypse came along, as Alicia’s instincts have proved to be very helpful.

However, no matter how many awkward positions her brother put her in over the years, Alicia still loved and cared for Nick and was utterly heartbroken when she lost him.

Sasha and Tyreese

Sasha and Tyreese are a great example of what happens when you meet the wrong people first. They fell into the Governor’s company first and believed Rick’s group to be the enemy before learning of the Governor’s evil ways.

The brother-sister duo quickly became valued members of Rick’s group, with Tyreese putting his life on the line to keep Judith safe. Sasha gave her life to give the other survivors a fighting chance against the Saviors. Sasha and Tyreese were heroes and they’re both missed.

Daryl and Merle

When fans first met Daryl and Merle in season 1, it was clear that there was a big difference between the brothers. Daryl was willing to help others while his brother was only worried about himself, and that’s probably why Daryl is now a leader and Merle is, well, dead.

Merle’s presence was enough to provide Daryl with a reminder of what not to be in the apocalypse. Daryl has put his past behind him over the years and he has really taken charge. He has a new family that loves him, something he didn’t have with Merle, and he’s willing to put his life on the line for any one of them.

Andrea and Amy

Amy wasn’t around long on The Walking Dead but her death taught viewers what a transformation looked like. Andrea wanted to stay with her sister until she passed, and she did. When Amy slowly came back to life, Andrea was left with the awful task of having to put her down permanently.

Amy’s death was a major turning point for Andrea, who grew colder and more resolute than ever. It’s not until Andrea meets Michonne that she finds a kindred spirit who understands her pain.

Maggie and Beth

When fans come upon Hershel’s farm, they fell in love with his daughters Maggie and Beth. Beth looked up to her big sister a great deal, and it was a devastating blow for Maggie and the group when she died.

Maggie and Beth were very different people but their love for each other showed no bounds. Beth was kind and gentle, with a toughness and desire to help people that ended up giving Noah a second chance. Both daughters honored their father with their kindness and bravery, and there’s no question that Maggie honors her sister’s memory by telling Beth’s story to young Hershel.

Kelly and Connie

Kelly and Connie are quite the dynamic duo. When Kelly admitted that her hearing was diminishing, Connie told her sister to embrace it as her superpower. Watching the sisters work together in battles is something to behold as they work in unison, trusting that one will have the other’s back.

Despite Connie’s absence after being trapped in the cave, her impact is still being felt as Kelly helps the survivors learn ASL to give them an edge in the fight against the Whisperers. Though Kelly misses her sister, she knows that moving forward is exactly what Connie would want.

Connie has been an inspiration to everyone she encounters, and keeping faith that she survived is what helps Kelly stay motivated with every passing day.

Henry and Benjamin

Before things turned sour at the Kingdom, King Ezekiel was raising two boys after they lost their father. Brothers Benjamin and Henry had to endure a lot in their young lives but they had Ezekiel watching over them.

After Benjamin was killed by the Saviors, Henry’s resolve to learn how to fight was galvanized. He trained under Morgan, who tried to channel his rage. Eventually Henry grew up to be a nice guy who wanted to help people, just like his adoptive parents, and that made him a prime target for Alpha and her diabolical plan.

Mika and Lizzie

Like Henry and Benjamin, Mika and Lizzie didn’t last long in the zombie apocalypse. Poor Mika would have made it longer if not for her sister Lizzie, whose coping mechanism was to embrace the dead and make them her friends. (Come to think of it, Lizzie and Alpha would have been a dynamic duo!)

Lizzie met her end in the iconic episode “The Grove”, an episode that gave fans the infamous “look at the flowers” line. It was a watershed moment for Carol after she was forced to kill Lizzie to protect Judith, and it’s a moment TWD fans will never forget.

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Iris and Hope

With the series premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond delayed until later in 2020, fans don’t know much about siblings Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Hope (Alexa Mansour). They are unlike many of the young siblings seen across the other TWD shows in that they grew up in the apocalypse in the relative safety of their home. Something happens that causes them to leave their home, though, and that’s what fans have to look forward to when World Beyond premieres this year.

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