The Walking Dead Season 10: Top 5 Daryl Dixon moments

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

Daryl Dixon experienced much growth in season 10 of The Walking Dead. Let’s look at his top 5 moments from this season.

Norman Reedus has portrayed Daryl Dixon since the beginning of The Walking Dead series. He was always Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) right-hand man, but after Rick’s disappearance, Daryl has started to take on more of a leadership role. He no longer stands in the shadows of his best friend.

Daryl has made new friendships and has taken Judith and Lydia under his wing. He continues to show his soft side while keeping up his gruff exterior. Below we will look at Daryl’s top 5 moments from season 10.

Daryl is learning ASL to communicate with Connie

At the beginning of season 10 in “Lines We Cross,” we see Daryl interact with Connie using ASL (American Sign Language). This is a sweet thing that he is doing for his friend. All of the members of Connie’s group communicate with her using ASL. This forces others to rely on her original group members for communication with her, but Daryl shows his commitment to their friendship by taking this step. It shows us Daryl’s willingness to change and adapt, which the earlier season’s Daryl wouldn’t have cared to do.

Daryl’s leadership in the cave

When Carol follows Alpha into the cave at the end of “The World Before,” Daryl and the rest of the group follow. When the midseason premiere opens, we see the group trapped in a cave with Alpha watching them from above. Daryl takes immediate action and starts to figure a way out. He leads them all across the mass of walkers trapped on the cave floor and then proceeds to use his skills to figure a way out of the cave. Daryl reminds everyone that Carol is claustrophobic, he barks at Magna when she starts blaming Carol for the situation they are in and tells Carol he wants her reckless behavior to stop. Showing that he is taking a position of leadership to protect his family.

Daryl and Judith

The bond between Daryl and Judith goes back to the first time Daryl held the baby in his arms and declared her a “Little Asskicker.” During that moment, he shared a rare smile, and you could tell this would be a lasting bond. In “Morning Star,” Daryl explains to Judith he knows she can fight and shares that he might be scared in the current situation. This allows Judith the opportunity to tell him that she might be scared for her brother R.J., her mother, and Daryl. It is a beautiful moment in the lives of these two characters that have held such a strong bond since her birth. Judith also shows Daryl her handy work as she has repaired his iconic winged vest, showing how much she cares for her “Uncle” Daryl.

Daryl and Carol throughout the season

Throughout season 10, Carol had been a loose cannon. No one ever knew what she would do next, including her best friend, Daryl. He was patient as well as frustrated with her. When the explosion at the cave happened, and Connie and Magna were trapped, Daryl couldn’t take any more. The look as his face said it all. He blamed her for what happened. Carol begged him to speak the words in his head, and he refused. The best part of Daryl and Carol in season 10 was when Daryl told her he could never hate her. Despite all she had done and the heartache she caused him, he would never hate this woman who has been with him through so much.

Daryl and Negan

After Negan kills Alpha, he encounters Daryl, and he must convince him that he killed the leader of the Whisperers under the direction of Carol. It is no secret that Daryl has no love for Negan. When Daryl finds him in the cabin where Negan tied Lydia to the chair to keep her safe from Alpha, Daryl was ready to put an arrow in him. Negan tries to reason with him, but Daryl just doesn’t know if he can trust him. This interaction between these two characters makes you wonder if Daryl will be able to forgive Negan for all the pain and misery the former leader of the Saviors created in Daryl’s life. Was killing Alpha enough for an alliance to form between these two?

Daryl Dixon is a fan favorite, and the words “If Daryl dies we riot” is often seen in social media posts. This gruff redneck has come a long way from when we first meet him back in season 1. It is a real delight to see this character continue to grow.

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