5 times Greg Nicotero wowed us on Instagram

A look at Greg Nicotero’s many talents that he has shared on Instagram.

Greg Nicotero wears many hats in the world of The Walking Dead: Executive producer, director, special FX make-up supervisor, and designer. He is a multi-talented individual that got his start working on the horror film Day of the Dead with horror legend George A. Romero. He has worked on The Walking Dead since the beginning, lending his many talents to the series.

He often shows amazing BTS photos of The Walking Dead and other projects, past and present, on Instagram. Below we take a look at some of the fantastic posts he has shared.

Recently he shared a photo of the gate at his house decorated with decapitated heads of characters from The Walking Dead. The display is reminiscent of the pike scene in season 9.  The line up includes Alpha, Bicycle Girl, a female walker that Carl killed, Ben Gardner, one of the Governer’s fish tank heads, and both of Michonne’s pets. A gruesomely cool way to pay homage to some of the characters.

Nicotero recently shared that he obtained a negative scanner and found some gems in his old collection of photo negatives. This is an image from Evil Dead 2 of Bruce Campbell, who portrays Ash, the main character of the Evil Dead franchise. For fans of this franchise, it is a cool BTS look at Campbell in character.

The next video is super cool. Nicotero directed an unnamed pilot and helped create this animatronic head. It is very realistic and fantastic to see something like this in progress. This is a great example of the talent that this man possesses.

This following is an amazingly grotesque scene shot for The Walking Dead. It is so amazing to have this up-close look at special FX in the series. Things move so quickly when you are watching the series that it is cool to see how much work goes into the individual up close kills.

Finally, Nicotero shows us a completely different side of his talents. He posted a video of himself playing “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin that he challenged himself to learn. He states that he learned this song for fellow Walking Dead actors Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.

Nicotero has been busy with other projects besides The Walking Dead. He is the executive producer for his new series Creepshow, inspired by the original film from the 80s with the same name. He did some producing on the first Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, and did supervisor for make-up FX on The Watchman and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  And, he has been nominated for numerous Emmy’s, winning four, for his work on The Walking Dead, The Pacific, and Breaking Bad. 

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Greg Nicotero is a talented man, and The Walking Dead is fortunate to have him and his team working on the series. Look for The Walking Dead’s season 10 finale sometime later this year.