The Walking Dead, Survival Rule Of The Week: Against the odds

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When we left The Walking Dead, everyone was trapped and surrounded. This week, we learn that just because the odds are against us, doesn’t mean we’re beat.

While we may not be able to watch the actual season ten finale of The Walking Dead for a while (which sucks, but, we obviously can’t do anything about it), we can certainly look at where the season left off: With nearly everyone from Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside trapped in a tower, being surrounded by Beta, the Whisperers, and the horde. If ever there was a time the odds were stacked against our protagonists in The Walking Dead, this would be it.

Surrounded by savage enemies and hundreds (maybe thousands) of zombies, in a place where they have little-to-no room to escape? This might be the worst situation we’ve ever seen the group have to deal with in the show. And, yeah, it’s just a TV show, but…if you were in a zombie apocalypse, you could easily find yourself in a situation just like that! It’s not like hostiles wouldn’t exist, and, it’s not like you couldn’t wind up in a place that’s tough to escape, so…why couldn’t it happen?

And, it was that thought that made me decide that, in this week’s Survival Rule Of The Week, we’re going to tackle finding yourself in long-odds situations in a zombie apocalypse, and how you might be able to escape them, or maybe even avoid them altogether.

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