The Walking Dead season 10: Top 5 fight scenes

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Samantha Morton as Alpha; group - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Samantha Morton as Alpha; group - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

With The Walking Dead Season 10 over until the finale special, let’s take a look at some of the best fight scenes that happened this season.

In season 10 of The Walking Dead there were a number of intense battles. The massive Whisperer War arc was spread out so well, with an equal amount of emotional impact between the characters but also amazing action sequences. The Whisperer War started as a cold war but led to a horrific battle of the communities against the invading Whisperers..

Here are the Top 5 Best Fight Scenes in The Walking Dead Season 10

5. Beta vs Alexandrians

Season 10 Episode 10 – “Stalker”

Beta sneaks into Alexandria through the ground from a tunnel made by Dante. Once on the streets Beta goes full-blown horror movie slasher. He sneaks into the houses of several residents and murders them senselessly, slitting throats and stomachs open, and then waiting for them to turn. It becomes a terrifying night as walkers emerge from houses and flood the streets causing a good amount of panic.

Beta kills and seriously injures many of our heroes, including Laura. He does all this looking for Mary, since she turned on Alpha and Beta would not stop at anything to get her. As she runs from him, Judith offers help by hiding in her house, but Beta learns quickly where she went.

He decides to break into the Grimes home to try to find Mary, while he searches every room in the house he finds the last door. As he approaches, Judith Grimes herself shoots through the door right in Beta’s chest, this moment was one every fan loved to see, the daughter of Rick Grimes using his gun. After this, he gets up to take down Mary, but Rosita comes in to take on Beta, she puts up a good fight but is taken down. As she is about to die Mary threatens to kill herself, she saves Rosita by leaving with Beta.

4. Negan and Daryl vs Whisperers

Season 10 Episode 14 – “Look at the Flowers”

In “Look at the Flowers” we see the aftermath of Alpha’s death and how it’s affecting the Whisperers. The Whisperers are very different from the Saviors in a big way, but the biggest is that they were brainwashed by Alpha. At the end of the day they’re all just people, so once she was gone some of them went on their own path. In this instance, a small group of Whisperers finds Daryl holding Negan captive trying to find the truth about Alpha, but he soon finds out Negan did kill her when they announce Negan the new Alpha.

They then hold Daryl captive and grant Negan the new leadership, Negan takes advantage of this by making a big act. He takes the shotgun the Whisperer had that belonged to Alpha and tricks the Whisperers into thinking he will execute Daryl. He may have gotten way too happy with the feeling of being in charge again because he kept the act dragging for a minute.

Then at the last moment, Negan shoots a Whisperer in the face distracting the others so Daryl can take them down as well. They both finish the Whisperers together making this standoff fun and entertaining. Something that we never knew we needed was Negan and Daryl working together in a fight.

3. Michonne vs Rick

Season 10 Episode 12 – “What We Become”

Now although this had nothing to do with the Whisperer war, and was just a hallucination, we can still count it as a fight scene we saw on-screen. In Michonne’s final episode titled “What We Become”, we see Michonne follow Virgil to an island that is said to have weapons strong enough to take out the horde for good. We quickly learn it was all a lie as he locks Michonne in a room as a prisoner, and then puts her in a different state of mind.

Virgil gave her a special tea that causes MANY hallucinations showing what Michonne would become if she had never saved Andrea. Ultimately she becomes a Savior, never meeting the group back in season 3 and instead becoming the enemy on the sidelines with Negan. Not only that but Negan lets her take control of the special kill from season 6 episode 16 “Last Day on Earth” and season 7 episode 1 “When the Day Comes You Will Be”.

She ends up being the enemy that Rick wants dead instead of Negan, as the war between Michonne and Rick progresses, we see Michonne running through the woods taking out Rick’s men. All of a sudden she is shot by an arrow, Daryl’s arrow, as she is kicked onto the ground she reaches for her sword to fight back, but as foot stops her arm Michonne looks in shock. It’s Rick pointing his gun at her and fires, he wins the war during Michonne’s nightmare-like hallucination from the tea. Although it didn’t happen, it was pretty impacting to see Rick and Michonne being on opposite sides.

2. Daryl vs Alpha

Season 10 Episode 10 – “Stalker”

Throughout the season, fans were hoping to see something never seen in the comics: A one-on-one match with Alpha and one of our heroes. She never actually fights anyone in the comic books before she dies, but thankfully the TV show changes the story a lot. In The Walking Dead season 10 episode 10 titled “Stalker”, Daryl and Alpha finally show each other the anger they have towards one another.

After Daryl and the others escape the cave, he waits by the other entrance to save Connie but gets sidetracked by the Whisperers. He stalks Alpha and the small group she has and starts taking some of them out one by one, alarming Alpha entirely. He then makes his move and comes at her with everything he’s got, kicking her gun out of her hand and slashing her in the face.

After this Daryl is also slashed in the face by Alpha, causing blood to drip into his eyes, but neither of them will giving up easily on this fight as it gets more brutal. Daryl begins to strike Alpha with a large branch, also stabbing her in the shoulder with it. Once walkers get in the way, Alpha sticks Daryl in the leg with a large knife, they both flee to the same abandoned gas station and fight with words as they are both too injured to get up and fight some more. It’s finished with both passing out, neither of them giving up.

1. Negan vs the Whisperers

Season 10 Episode 5 – “What It Always Is”

After Negan is let out of his jail cell in The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 4 “Silence the Whisperers” he is followed by a guy named Brandon that’s obsessed with him. In The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 5 “What it always is” he brings Negan a brand new Lucille, or Lucille 2.0,  and his old leather jacket, Negan hasn’t seen either in 8 years. After this, they find a woman and her son, Negan’s first act is to save them and bring them both to Alexandria. Now we know that Negan’s whole mission was to take Alpha’s head to Carol, but at first this didn’t seem to be the plan after meeting the mother and her child. No matter what he was determined to save them and be a better person even if they killed him after.

This plan is ruined entirely when Brandon murders the mother and her child clouded by his obsession to prove himself to Negan. Once Negan sees this he is full of rage and kills Brandon with a large rock immediately, then takes the jacket and bat given to him. After losing his new goal, it was clear to Negan what the real mission had to be, he then decides to infiltrate the Whisperer territory.

Since season 9 we have wondered how the Whisperers would react to the one and only Negan. Once Negan is in the camp, he uses his old ‘little pig’ catchphrase drawing any attention toward him. Once walkers start coming his way, he lets his grin and laughs as he continues his ‘little pig’ line. He starts bashing head in unsure if they are walkers or skin freaks, fans were on the edge of their seats seeing Negan going up against the new big bad, until Beta knocks him down, ending the episode with Negan verbally challenging Beta.

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While these are not all of the fight scenes and battles shown in this season of The Walking Dead season 10, these were some epic showdowns that played out over the course of the story. What were your favorite fights this season? What confrontations do you hope to see in the finale down the road? Let us know in the comment section below or on twitter @UndeadwalkingFS or @Grevorr