5 ways The Walking Dead season 10 finale could be a special event

The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air at some point, and there are some fun ways that AMC could turn the finale into a special event.

Fans of The Walking Dead were bitterly disappointed when the season 10 finale had to be postponed, along with the highly anticipated premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. While everyone understands why it was necessary to delay the finale, and why the expansion of the TWD universe had to temporarily stop with the pandemic induced hiatus, all of the cancellations and postponements have left fans with a bleak year ahead.

In a recent interview with EW Jeffrey Dean Morgan speculated that the season 10 finale may air in 4-5 months. It could also be longer than that depending on how world events shape up. Whenever it is finally ready to air there are some things that AMC could do to make the season 10 finale a special event that will give fans something to get even more excited about.

By all accounts the episode is going to be a huge one. It ties up the excellent Whisperer War arc and launches a new era for the survivors and a new era for The Walking Dead universe that will send the original show into new territory and see storylines across all the entire universe start to come together. So it would be great if the episode were turned into a special stand-alone event that would make it really special.

There are many ways that this could be done. A season 10 marathon is something that should be done anyway, to give fans a refresher on season 10 and get them back into TWD world before the finale airs. But these five ideas would also help elevate the finale airing and make it even more special:

1. Cast-Led Viewing Party

The pandemic has led to a lot ingenuity when it comes to creating new shows and revamping old ones. Some of the cast members are using Zoom and livestreams to create shows like Friday Night In With The Morgans so why not have the cast members who are able to participate in a cast-led viewing party for the finale created the same way? Bringing together fans and cast members in real time to get behind the scenes stories and real time reactions from both the cast and fans would add a lot to the finale airing.

2. Simulcast

Another way to make the finale a real event would be simulcast it so that it airs at the same time around the country, or even throughout the world. Fans from all over could watch it at the same and talk about it on social media sharing the experience of seeing the finale together. AMC has done similar events for other shows like Doctor Who before so it would be interesting to try it with The Walking Dead season 10 finale.

3. No Early Access On AMC Premiere

This might be a controversial one, but AMC should not give AMC Premiere subscribers early access to the finale episode. Spoilers for the show have always been a problem, but now that Premiere subscribers get early access to the episode spoilers have exploded. Having the episode spoiled through social media would ruin the finale for fans who hate spoilers, and it can be very difficult to avoid them even if you aren’t looking for them. Not allowing subscribers early access to the finale won’t stop spoilers, but it could slow the flood of them so that fans don’t have the finale ruined for them.

4. Commercial Free Episode

Nothing ruins the immersive experience like having commercials cut into the story. Of course commercials are a necessary evil because they pay for the cost of making the show, but for an episode like this one where the huge story shouldn’t be interrupted every few minutes AMC could allow one company or several companies to sponsor the episode. That would allow the sponsors to get recognition and promotions without ripping the audience out of the story on a regular basis. The episodes are available commercial free on Premiere, but it would be nice if this particular episode could be commercial free for everyone.

5. Cast and Fan Reaction Special Following The Episode

Preview specials have been done before, and they’re a lot of fun. But The Walking Dead season 10 finale would be the perfect time to try out a cast and fan reaction special after the episode is finished to help fans process the events in the episode and get commentary from some of the cast to get their takes on the events in the episode. If there are any major character losses in the finale it would also be a way for fans to say goodbye in real time.

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