Image Comics set to release The Walking Dead: The Alien hardcover in July

The Walking Dead issue 193 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 193 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Jeffrey Grimes will be getting special treatment in July as The Walking Dead: The Alien will be hitting the market as an oversized hardcover edition.

The standalone story of the brother of Rick Grimes will be receiving a hardcover edition on July 29th of 2020. While our current society is feeling the pressure of a global pandemic this date brings a small sense of normalcy to comic fans who picked up The Walking Dead comics the day they dropped when the series was still being released, as this date falls on a Wednesday.

This amazing story written by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin will also be special for another reason, as it will include never before seen designs and sketches! Any fan hungry for more content will need to grab this before they are sold out. Talk about a remarkable addition to any collection!

Fans can grab this stunning piece of work in person at the nearest bookstore on Tuesday, August 4th. It can also be pre-ordered in a variety of ways including your local comic shop.

Robert Kirkman is beaming about this special release: 

"“I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Vaughan and Martin’s work. I’ve been very hesitant to allow anyone to play in the Walking Dead sandbox in comic form but when the opportunity arose for these gents to show up what Charlie Adlard and I had been doing, I jumped at the chance. It’s remarkable what Vaughan and Martin were able to accomplish in one self-contained story. A tale with so much heart and emotion told far more succinctly than I’ve ever been capable of. I’m so thrilled to finally be sharing this story with a wider audience in this spectacular hardcover edition.”"

For newcomers to the comic series of The Walking Dead, this story is canon to the series and it takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Yes, this means Rick Grimes had a brother. Jeffrey Grimes is actually the reason Rick and Lori got together in the first place. Jeffery and Lori went to high school together and were good friends. Jeff invited Lori to a New Year party where Rick was a chaperone and the rest is history.

In his own very special way, this character’s actions resulted in this entire story being able to happen. If Lori never met Jeff fans may be staring at a different series entirely. The Walking Dead universe is deep and rich with stories it has told and stories it can tell. So pick up this story, and read it carefully, and enjoy another small piece of the Grimes legacy.

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