The Fear the Walking Dead cast celebrates Mother’s Day 2020

The Fear the Walking Dead cast members, past and present, shared tributes to the moms in their lives on this Mother’s Day 2020.

It might have been an unusual Mother’s Day as so many people are unable to travel to spend time with their moms, but that didn’t keep the cast and crew of Fear the Walking Dead from sharing pictures of the women in their lives. Whether it was their moms, wives or even themselves, the Fear TWD cast gave fans a look at the powerful and inspiring women who shape their lives every day.

Unlike The Walking Dead, which was the story of Rick Grimes and his quest to protect his family from the threat of the undead, Fear the Walking Dead followed Madison Clark’s unyielding mission to find a safe place for her family. Though Madison is gone (…or is she???), her legacy lives on through Alicia, Strand, Luciana and Salazar, who carry the torch in her honor.

On this Mother’s Day, the cast and crew of Fear the Walking Dead shared memories of their moms and the moms in their lives in a very touching tribute.

Colman Domingo shared a photo of his stunning mother Edith, and they share the same brilliant smile:

Kim Dickens shared a photo of her mom, and their resemblance is uncanny:

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Danay Garcia spent her Mother’s Day with fans, sharing the photos they shared with her:

Mo Collins had a smiley-faced pancake breakfast to celebrate Mother’s Day:

Jenna Elfman caught some sun during some self-care on Mother’s Day:

Karen David had her lovely mum join her on today’s episode of Tea with Karen:

Cooper Dodson posted a picture with his mom, and you can see they share a love for awesome eyeware:

Though she didn’t post any pictures, early Mother’s Day wishes go out to soon-to-be mom Maggie Grace, who announced her pregnancy earlier this year:

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Fans won’t have to wait too long to see the Fear the Walking Dead cast in action, as season 6 will premiere later this summer.

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