Fear the Walking Dead: Jenna Elfman joins Karen David for ‘Tea with Karen’

Jenna Elfman as June - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Jenna Elfman as June - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /

Friday’s Tea with Karen features a very special Fear the Walking Dead guest.

There’s nothing more uplifting than watching Fear the Walking Dead star Karen David on her online show Tea with Karen. Whether she’s chatting with her special guests or inspiring fans with her Tea with Karen Challenges, it’s like sitting down for a cuppa with your bestie.

David’s guest on May 22 is someone well known in the Fear the Walking Dead Universe: Jenna Elfman.

Elfman joined Fear the Walking Dead in season 4, but back then she was known as Naomi and no one really knew if she was trustworthy or not. As a nurse before the zombie apocalypse began, her skills were useful but she was also seen as a liability. At the time, June was trying to protect herself from being hurt after losing her daughter and leaving John Dorie, the stranger who saved her.

By the end of season 5, June is one of the strongest members of the group and she knows how to look after herself. She and John were married in the season finale, right before Virginia’s group raided their shelter and separated everyone. Her medical training might gain her favor in Virginia’s eyes, but don’t think for a moment that she won’t be planning her escape.


Like David, Elfman has been engaging with fans a great deal during quarantine. She and her husband Bodhi Elfman have been recording their Kicking And Screaming podcast from home and it has yielded a treasure trove of hilarious moments from the couple. The podcast is available on iTunes if you want to check it out.

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You can catch the May 22 episode of Tea with Karen live at 12pm PT on her social media, or you can see the video after it has been added to the Tea with Karen YouTube page.