The Walking Dead: 3 popular rumors about the Rick Grimes movies

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - The Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

These rumors about the Rick Grimes movies have The Walking Dead fans talking.

In the absence of actual information, rumors about the Rick Grimes movies have been swirling over the past few weeks. Schedules have been turned upside down after COVID-19 shut down production across the country, and the delays will impact The Walking Dead season 11 and the Rick Grimes movies. Fans have been speculating about the Rick Grimes movies, and these three rumors have gained steam lately.

If we’re being honest, there really hasn’t been a lot of information about the Rick Grimes movies. Originally planned to air on AMC, the movies were picked up by Universal and that led to some big changes in how they would be crafted. There’s still no confirmation that the trilogy that was originally announced is still happening at this point.

With the filming delays, it would be a stretch to think that filming could begin on a movie in 2020, so it’s looking more and more likely that the first (only?) movie could start pre-production in earnest in late 2020, film in 2021 and perhaps premiere later on in the year. That would be rushing it, but it’s possible. Everything will depend on safety, first and foremost, and availability.

For now, in the absence of actual information we turn to some of the rumors making the rounds on the internet. Some of them make sense, others are pure speculation, and until we get real news there is no doubt that they are but a few of the rumors yet to come as eager fans try to imagine what to expect in a Rick Grimes movie.

3 Popular Rumors About The Rick Grimes Movies

Melissa McBride To Join the Rick Grimes Movies

This rumor could have some truth to it. The reality is that McBride is under contract for The Walking Dead Universe at large, which means that she could show up anywhere – from the flagship show to World Beyond, Fear the Walking Dead to the Rick Grimes movies – without having to renegotiate her contract.

It makes sense to have McBride involved in the Rick Grimes movies, whether she appears in the present day or if she appears as part of a flashback to the beginning. In fact, the movie could feature any number of the original cast for a flashback, though it might be tough to have an appearance by young Carl Grimes given how much actor Chandler Riggs has grown since 2010.

Rick Grimes Could Be Part Of An Experiment

Fans have long speculated how so many years could pass without Rick making contact with his family.

One possible reason circulating is that he is being used in an experiment by the questionable folks at CRM. As a human test subject, Rick could be incapacitated to the point that he has been unable to escape.

Another possibility is that Rick was so badly injured on the bridge that he is still recovering, or he was injured so badly that escape isn’t remotely possible.

(Case in point, we know he doesn’t have his boots, so when you consider the reasons why he doesn’t have his shoes it makes sense that being unable to walk could be a viable explanation)

Jon Bernthal Is Coming Back

Like the rumors about Melissa McBride, there’s no reason to think that TWD alums like Jon Bernthal couldn’t make an appearance in a flashback for the movies. Though Bernthal’s Shane was killed off in season 2, there are rumors that Bernthal could return.

Bernthal loved being part of the show, and he managed to show up in Andrew Lincoln’s final episode back in season 9. A flashback with Shane could definitely be more than a rumor.

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What do you think about these rumors? Are there any rumors about the Rick Grimes movies that you have seen around the internet lately? Let us know in the comments!