AMC makes the June 12 episode of Friday Night In available for free

If you missed Friday Night In, you can watch it for free on the AMC website

On June 12, the AMC Family came together for a powerful and important conversation during Friday Night In with the Morgans. Yvette Nicole Brown and Colman Domingo joined Hilarie Burton Morgan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan for a discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement and how people can support the cause. If you missed the episode, it is available for free on the AMC website with no login required.

As Jeffrey Dean Morgan says at the start, Friday Night In was created to be a way for people to escape from their daily lives during the pandemic that saw so many people stuck at home during lockdown and quarantine. It was a diversion. But now, with people all over the world marching and protesting to support the Black Lives Matter movement, the show needed to take action.

The full episode is available on AMC’s website. (This link will take you there)

During this special one-hour episode, there was open and honest discussion about BLM, what allies can do to support the cause, how people can better understand the cause, why “All Lives Matter” is counterproductive and what you can do to help. Brown and Domingo shared stories, highlighted ways to take action and helped to explain the issues so that people who might not understand the gravity of the situation can learn.

As Domingo said, it’s important to “do what you can from where you are.”

In addition to this much-needed discussion, AMC also posted several organizations on its social media for people to support. As is so often the case, some people want to help but don’t know where to go, so this is a very helpful resource and starting point.

AMC has shown great solidarity for the Black community in the past few weeks, which is so incredibly important given the network’s commitment to diversity across all of its platforms.