Happy birthday to Fear the Walking Dead alum Kim Dickens

She may be gone from Fear the Walking Dead, but Kim Dickens is not forgotten

Happy birthday wishes go out to Fear the Walking Dead alum Kim Dickens as she celebrates her June 18 birthday. The prolific actress has been busier than ever after leaving the zombie apocalypse, but the Fear Family misses her terribly.

Dickens made her debut in a 1995 comedy called Palookaville, and since then her career has taken off. For a time it was a matter of what she wasn’t doing, because Dickens was everywhere. From Truth or Consequences, N. M. to Zero Effect, House of Cards to Lost, Gone Girl to Deadwood and most recently 2019’s The Highwaymen, she has done it all.

Bringing so many roles to life helps to make her a very versatile actress, which is something that came in very handy when she landed in the middle of the Southern California zombie apocalypse on Fear the Walking Dead.

When Fear the Walking Dead debuted, it was mama bear Madison Clark who filled some big shoes as the West Coast equivalent of Rick Grimes. As she sought to protect her family, Madison joined forces with allies Victor Strand and Daniel Salazar. These two men were both survivors, chameleons able to hide in plain sight in order to survive.

Over the course of three and a half seasons, Madison’s quest to find a place to settle down was her primary quest, but she also instilled the need to try to help people, which is a lesson that Alicia Clark has embraced in seasons 4 and 5.

By all accounts, Madison Clark met her end in a fiery inferno inside the ballpark her family called home. Her last act was to distract the walkers so that Strand and her kids could flee safely.

Of course, there is a fair amount of controversy about Madison’s “death”. In the world of The Walking Dead, no one is gone until you see a body. Though the odds were stacked against her, Madison could have made it out of there in one piece. (It’s not like she was under a dumpster, you know…)

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There are fans who are holding out hope that Madison shows up again, and that would be welcome. If nothing else, though, the Fear Family wants to wish Kim Dickens a very happy birthday!