The Walking Dead Season 10: Top 5 Carol moments

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

Carol had some amazing moments in The Walking Dead season 10

The beloved character Carol Peletier has had a rough season this year on The Walking Dead with her anger getting the best of her, making her mission to kill Alpha an absolute. In this everlasting battle with the Whisperers, Carol has done things that have affected the group significantly causing her to lose herself. But even though she may have lost herself a little, she can do things that no one else can, creating moments this season that were incredible to watch.

Here are the Top 5 Carol moments of The Walking Dead Season 10

5. Carol and Daryl Lunchtime

Season 10 Episode 1 – “Lines we Cross”

In the season premiere some time has passed since the The Walking Dead season 9 finale, and everyone has tried to forget about Alpha and the Whisperers, except Carol. Carol went on to start fishing on the waters while everyone stayed and trained, but Daryl knew she was out looking for Alpha to try to take her out. Once she has returned for a limited time to get supplies Daryl and she goes off hunting together.

They both sit down to have some lunch and talk, catching up with life to one another. Carol jokes with Daryl after he calls her his best friend, saying she can making seashell bracelets to match each other, and one for dog too. It was a funny and bittersweet moment that they both are still closer than ever after all this time, they love each other and would do anything for each other.

This is proved even more when they both talk about leaving with each other, leaving all the fighting and pushing to live a different life somewhere else. They both think there is somewhere else without chaos and they both kind of make it clear they want to leave. But this is scrapped after Daryl asks Carol to stay to help everyone in the communities, but who knows maybe one day they both will leave together once this war is over.

4. Stare-off with Alpha

Season 10 Episode 1 – “Lines we Cross”

Ever since Alpha’s disturbing and horrific pike scene, The Walking Dead changed, and we all hoped to see Carol get her revenge on Alpha over and over again knowing Alpha killed her son. Carol has lost a significant amount of people and children; she is a natural mother at heart and can’t hide that. After 6 years without any issues with anyone and a life she wanted it was all taken away by one person, Alpha.

Carol tried to forget about the Whisperers as much as possible but it struck a raw and angry nerve for her, causing what Alpha did to be engraved in her mind. She claimed to want to forget them, thinking they are gone, but Carol truly wants them dead and decides to look for them by going out on a boat. But once she returns from her trip she is told they found a mask, and as much as she tries to ignore it she knows she cannot.

She and Daryl both go out on a run, by the end of the episode we see them looking at the area where Alpha kept her horde, to find nothing. As Carol is about to leave after Daryl, she notices movement far across the area, Alpha comes out of the trees and to her surprise she sees Carol. Carol stares her down showing no fear and no care where they both stand, looking down at Alpha as she knows her mission is to take her down.

3. Conversation with Kelly

Season 10 Episode 15 – “The Tower”

Carol has been through a lot, and she has also caused a lot this season. She has done many things she regrets. One of those regrets is what caused Connie to be missing after she made the cave collapse while trying to kill Alpha’s horde. This issue has been eating her up most of the second half of The Walking Dead season 10, until she ends up face to face with Connie’s sister, Kelly.

Both sisters have major hearing issues, Connie is deaf all together and Kelly is losing her hearing, but they both looked to the positive side of life no matter how bad things were. Connie always told Kelly that their hearing issues are their superpowers, and that’s the beauty of what she shows Carol.

Instead of being angry toward Carol, she explains she’s not a bad person or broken, she tells her she’s got a superpower of her own. She explains she has heard the stories of way back when, of how Carol did things no one can do but her, and she tells Carol that IS her superpower. This was a very emotional and touching scene bringing us back to the past of The Walking Dead, showing Carol isn’t broken.

2. Whisperer Interrogation

Season 10 Episode 7 – “Open Your Eyes”

As we know from past episodes of The Walking Dead, Carol is very smart when it comes to what her next moves will be, and she always has a plan that puts her a step or two ahead. This is evident when she held one of the Whisperers captive in Negan’s cell. When Daryl and Carol spotted the Whisperers, Carol had another plan to take one of them to get information on where this horde might be. She decides that she is going to interrogate this captive Whisperer using a good cop bad cop method.

First, she uses food, offering the prisoner a fresh slice of bread and any choice of homemade jelly on top. This type of food in the world is now a luxury food that the Whisperers probably haven’t had in a while. This was a very smart technique for Carol to use. With everything Lydia has told Daryl, it’s clear Alpha brainwashed all of them, and they haven’t been free in a while. After he takes a massive bite, he realizes he is giving in to her actions, and abruptly spits it back at Carol’s face.

She, out of anger, decides to use a darker method of pain, by wrapping her hand in a belt, she starts beating him. This doesn’t seem to make him spill either, it is unknown if it is fear of Alpha, or commitment to Alpha, but when she tries her last method using Lydia to show Alpha lied, he dies. This was a HUGE flashback to how brutal Carol can truly be, how smart she can be with her decisions.

1. Releasing Negan

Season 10 Episode 12 – “Walk With Us”

Ever since Negan was introduced we all wondered how each character would react to meeting him. Out of all characters on The Walking Dead we never actually saw Carol meet him. Fans wondered when or if they would ever share a scene after 5 seasons.

Earlier in the season Negan is released from his cell anonymously after saving Lydia’s life, making it seem like he murdered an innocent life. When Alexandrians were deciding if he should be put down it was looking like a dark fate for Negan, until it discovered someone released him from his cell. After this he is with the Whisperers for a long time, until finally, its shown Negan was planning to kill Alpha the whole time.

For a huge part of this season we were always left questioning who let Negan out of his cell and if he has truly joined these enemies. But after Alpha’s demise, it was revealed that Carol let him out of his cell and sent him to kill Alpha. After this whole season of trying to find out how to take down Alpha, she had a backup plan to have Negan kill Alpha, either way, the entire time.

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