Skybound’s cheeky Father’s Day tribute to The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead issue 193 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 193 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Skybound shared a very amusing tribute to the fathers of The Walking Dead

Oh Skybound, you sneaky devils! For Father’s Day the Skybound social media accounts shared a very special tribute to the fathers of The Walking Dead Universe, but they managed to poke fun at one of the show’s .

It didn’t take help from Maury Povich to figure out that Judith Grimes probably wasn’t Rick Grimes’ daughter. Lori and Rick’s best friend and partner Shane were shagging like bunnies before Rick reappeared, so the math didn’t exactly add up when Lori announced that she was pregnant.

To fans, it doesn’t matter that Shane was Judith’s biological father because her real father is none other than Rick Grimes, the man who put everything on the line to save his friends and family when the herd of walkers was trying to cross the bridge. There is zero question that Rick is Judith’s father and Michonne is her mother. Together, they raised Judith to be the strong youngster she is.

Even so, the picture of Rick and Judith on The Walking Dead next to the picture of Cailey Fleming and Jon Bernthal at a fan convention is undeniably cheeky and we have to give Skybound props for a good laugh when we can all use one.

While the good-natured ribbing at Rick and Shane was funny, the picture of Ezekiel and Henry was decidedly not funny and a touching tribute. Ezekiel loved Henry and his brother Benjamin, and he lost pieces of himself with their deaths. Ezekiel did everything in his power to be a good father to two boys who lost their own father, and that should absolutely be celebrated.

King Ezekiel, we salute you!

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What did you think of Skybound’s Father’s Day tribute? Good fun, or not funny at all? Let us know what you think in the comments!