The Walking Dead Father’s Day edition: Negan’s top 5 fatherly moments

Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

Let’s take a look at Negan’s best fatherly moments on The Walking Dead

While we wait for The Walking Dead’s massive finale for season 10, life must proceed and that includes celebrating Father’s Day during the pandemic. Negan has always had a soft spot for children, and if we are being honest, he probably would have made a great father.

Negan arrived on the series as a major villain, murdering two beloved characters, Glenn and Abraham, which earned him a large amount of hate. But throughout the show he has really started to change and show his soft side for Carl, Judith, Lydia, and more. It’s safe to say he’s beginning to be someone we can cheer for on the show thanks to his .

5. Showing Carl the Sanctuary

At the rise of Negan’s arc, almost every one of the survivors wanted to go against serving Negan and find a way to kill him no matter what the outcome. Especially Carl Grimes, after seeing Glenn, someone he grew up knowing, get gruesomely murdered caused Carl an intense fury. This escalated into Carl sneaking onto one of Negan’s supply trucks and going to the Sanctuary himself to get the job done.

After he reaches the waypoint he takes a few of Negan’s men out, just to be surrounding and having no choice but to stand down. As all of Negan’s men and a lot of people watching at home, we thought Negan wouldn’t take too kindly to it, but he instead is nice to Carl and offers to show him around. He shows Carl how great it is living there, almost as though he was trying to show Carl he wasn’t such a bad person, just doing bad things to keep people alive.

During the episode, Negan asks to see Carl’s eye, and in doing so Negan makes remarks that he didn’t think would upset Carl. After seeing tears shed from Carl’s eyes, Negan shows a soft spot for Carl and apologizes, and tries to comfort him. You can tell Carl seems to feel differently but doesn’t want to as he is trying to stay angry towards Negan.

4. Talking school with Judith

After a huge time jump, we see a much older version of Judith Grimes, with her own sword, her dad’s gun, and her brother’s hat. She is a perfect representation of what a child would become growing up in an apocalypse. The thing about Judith when she is grown-up is that she sees the good in everyone, no matter what they did she knows they have a good part in them. She especially sees this in Negan, as she always seems to sit by his jail cell window talking to him about school subjects.

This is almost like a best friend bonding between the two, even though Judith is very young, she is very mature being raised by the family she’s a part of. The way Negan and Judith bond is she found the good part of Negan, the soft and nice part of Negan that was always around. He helps her with her math homework. It was a very fun moment to see Negan having a new arc in life compared to 6 years ago when he wanted to die.

It’s almost as though Negan played a godfather role to Judith after her dad went missing, it’s almost like he tried to be a support for her, aside from Daryl. Negan has always cared for Carl and Judith and wanted nothing but the best for the aside from the war he had with their father.

3. Saving Judith

For the first time in 9 seasons, The Walking Dead had snow, and it hit the survivors hard, causing everyone to take shelter. It was a giant blizzard that could kill if someone was out in it too long. During this episode, we see part of our group traveling from one place to another, and we see part of our group at Alexandria. Judith and Negan were both included with the group at Alexandria taking shelter from the storm.

Judith was in charge of watching out for Dog, as they were transporting from one place to another for warmth, Judith hears Dog barking and immediately goes after him. Everyone else keeps going but Negan ran after her like there is no tomorrow. Once he finds her she is past out from the cold with Dog sitting next to her. Negan quickly takes his jacket off to warm her up and picks her up to bring her to safety.

Negan was willing to die to make sure Judith lived and got home safely. He truly showed how much he cares about Judith and cares about the future of Alexandria. If Negan wasn’t around Judith would have lost her life during this.

2. Comforting Lydia

After Negan took out Alpha for the better of the group, Lydia mourns her mother in a strange way. She didn’t want to lose her mother but she also knows her mother needs to die in order to bring peace, she also hated her mother but had no choice to love her. Negan can see Lydia is upset with him and upset about the entire situation which is normal for a kid her age.

Negan confronts her to let her release her anger, but she doesn’t seem to give in at first. But when the time comes she does release her anger, not anger that Negan did it, but just everything her mother did to her growing up. She lost her dad, she lost her mind, and her childhood to her, so she had a deep amount of anger and pain towards her mother and when Negan got her to let it out, she let it out big time.

Once she lets her anger out she breaks down in Negan’s arms, crying into his shoulder. Negan did what any father would do to help comfort and ease the pain for her. Her having no father for the majority of her life, felt good to be able to be held by someone that felt like a father again.

1. Bonding with Milo

When Negan is released from his cell he seems to have a mission he is on, but that mission is paused indefinitely when he finds a mother and her son and saves them from walkers. Being on a road to redemption, Negan shows a sweet side toward this family and wants to take them to Alexandria to keep them alive and safe.

As they are waiting to go on the trip back Negan bonds with the woman’s son Milo, tells him about planes and gives him advice about getting back at friends in a funny way. He seemed truly happy to meet this little family, he seems to finally feel like he was doing something right. Negan cared deeply about this family once he saved them, and they were his new mission.

Unfortunately, this all comes down to a sad and bloody ending as Brandon, who is obsessed with Negan, kills the mother and son while Negan is getting firewood. This pushes Negan over the edge and he bashes in Brandon’s head. This causes Negan to go on the mission he was first set out to go as he lost something he cared about so fast.

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Although Negan still has a while to go before he is fully redeemed, he’s definitely got a great fatherly vibe to him. How do you like Negan? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @UndeadwalkingFS or @Grevorr