Our favorite LGBTQIA characters in The Walking Dead universe

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Mo Collins as Sarah - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Mo Collins as Sarah - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /

The panel continues with our favorite LGBTQIA characters in the TWD Universe

It’s one thing to talk about LGBTQIA characters in an abstract way within The Walking Dead universe but it’s another to try and pin down who our favorite LGBTQIA characters are and why we are so invested in them. When our panelists thought about it they came up with some surprising answers. In part 3 of our deep dive into LGBTQIA representation in The Walking Dead our panel talks about their favorite LGBTQIA characters.

It’s appropriate here to mention Jesus and Tara, both from The Walking Dead. While both characters are now deceased large number of fans feel that these characters were never given the kind of story development, including romantic relationships, that other characters got. Especially Jesus, who played a huge role in the Whisperer War arc in the comics.

If these two characters had been given more development both of them might have ended up on our list of favorite LGBTQIA characters in TWD universe. Tara was the original LGBTQIA character introduced in season 4 and yet she was never really given the chance to grow as a character.

In the five seasons she was on the show she had only two brief relationships. Jesus didn’t have any, except for an implied possible relationship with Aaron after Eric’s death and the end of All Out War. Tara did have a brief relationship with a woman in the camp that the Governor took over. She also had a brief relationship with Denise from Alexandria but that was it. As the original LGBTQIA character Tara deserved better.

Our Favorite LGBTQIA Characters

Who is your favorite LQBTQIA+ character in The Walking Dead universe and why?

Sonya says:

"When I sat down to really think about this question I thought it would be hard to pick, and it was, but not for the reason I initially thought. There’s a good smattering of LGBTQIA characters TWD universe now and yet when I had to pick a favorite I was shocked to realize that none of the lesbian characters were strong enough characters to stand out as a favorite, except maybe Al on Fear TWD. That’s disturbing, and something that should be looked at further.But I’d have to say Strand is my favorite living LGBTQIA character. Strand never apologizes for who he is, but he’s shown a lot of real growth throughout the 5 seasons of the show. I miss his friendship with Madison, I applaud him trying to work things out with Daniel, and I love his relationship with Alicia. I hope Strand will someday find the happiness he had with Thomas again."

Joe says:

"My favorite LGBTQ+ character in The Walking Dead would have to be Aaron. His character has grown such a tremendous amount since we were first introduced to him in season 5. The cheerful, hopelessly optimistic recruiter has been replaced by a hardened survivor that still holds on to his loving demeanor around those he cares about. His relationship with Eric was one of the most heartwarming in the entire show, and he is a brilliant adoptive father to Gracie. Aaron is one of the most reliable and solid characters around on The Walking Dead to date, and I hope he finds a peaceful and happy ending when all is said and done."

Sara says:

"While I adore Strand, and he is a close second, I have to say Aaron is my favorite LGBTQIA+ character. I also think overall he is a vastly underrated character. One thing that I love about The Walking Dead is that they don’t reduce LGBTQIA+ characters to only having a relationship and showing that aspect, or falling prey to stereotypes. Other than his husband Eric, and a thought of Jesus, Aaron has been single. From the moment we meet him he is willing to do what is necessary for his people, he is a single father, an amazing leader, and all with one arm! He is a well-loved character by his friends on the show and by fans. He is a role model, inspiration, and a mentor to other characters and a perfect example that proves to all the anti-LGBTQIA+ people that being gay doesn’t mean you are a bad person."

Dawn says:

"I would say without doubt it’s Strand in Fear. It feels as though his sexuality has been more fully explored and more a part of his core being than any other characters. It’s also important that he is in no way a stereotype, and that he his stories have been crafted with moments that show that his sexuality – like his personality – can’t be easily defined."

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